COME ON PEOPLE, THINK ABOUT IT… Bitch Ass Chris Brown and Bitch Ass Drake allegedly get into a bar room brawl and no one is charged. If you believe this Bull-Shit Fight was real, I have some Quick-Sand I’d like to sell you. Clearly, this was a staged event by these two Punk Ass Hip-Hop and/or R&B Artists. Think about it, both Chris Brown and Drake are dropping off the Billboard Charts, as well as being out-sold by Bitch Ass Justin Bieber who is making so much money that he can do concerts for free. Now ask Chris Brown and Drake when was the last time they could offer their Fans a concert for free. Hell, I just saw TMZ report that Chris Brown is so financially strapped that he is selling Pitbull Puppies online. Don’t sleep people, this alleged Cat-Fight between Bitch Ass Chris Brown and Bitch Ass Drake was staged. In that, it was nothing more than a Publicity Stunt in-order to put these Bitch Ass Cowards in the limelight. Come on, Movie Studio Executives, Directors and Producers rent out Night-Club-Venues every GodDamn day and shoot contrived and/or scripted Bar-Room-Brawls. 

Hell, look at the alleged damage at the alleged Night-Club, where the alleged brawl took place, and ask yourself, why was no one charged with Assault and Battery? Why was no one from either entourage legally required to pay for damages to the Nightclub? Chris Brown supposedly took one to the chin and it left a gash.

Ah, can you say, “Make-Up, Graphics and/or Special Effects”. Do these clowns really think we are that stupid, Get the F%CK outta here Chris Brown and Drake, if you two Sissy-Ass-Bitches want to “Pull the Wool over Your Fans Eyes”, you should at least do what Todd Bridges and Vanilla Ice did, and get your Bitch Ass’s in the ring and go Toe-To-Toe. F%CKING COWARDS!

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