Hey Phillip Scott, if you are going to preach to the cheor you make sure you cover every aspect of the topic. And stop use white people as sweet nothings to sooth and engage your Low IQ Black Audience

Hey Phil, supposedly the Black man has been on this planet for trillions of years, yet in a nano blip of time (i.e., 6000-years) this “NON-BATHING JOHNNY COME LATELING WHITE MAN” Conquered the so-called “ORIGINAL ASIATIC BLACK MAN”. Embarrassing, right? So why is the Black man on the bottom today? And what do you have to say about the dirty Asiatic Black men currently sitting on skidrow. Shut the hell up Mr. Original Asiatic Black Man who cannot give an accurate synopses on what force in the universe ordained the Black mans miserable condition… LOW IQ is your montra, push me and I will show and prove that you have no business disparaging any other man/race.

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