Just a bunch of Dumbass Black Nephilim’s who add No Consequential Value to Society…


Don’t Sleep! Professional NBA Players like Joe Johnson and his fellow NBA/BIG3 Slave Buddies no-longer have the influence over the population they once had. In that, as Educated Americans worry more-and-more about how to provide food and shelter for their families, the viewership of Professional Sports is in steady decline. Hence, watching an Uneducated Slave like Joe Johnson get paid millions of dollar to put a ball in a hole is merely salt on the economic wounds of Educated American’s struggling to put food on their tables and make mortgage payments on properties that are below market value and/or worthless. Really! Joe Johnson, an Uneducated NBA/BIG3 Slave, who provides no intellectual capital to the Global Economy what so ever get’s paid millions of dollars to put a ball in a hole, while Educated Americans like School Teachers and United States Soldiers, who represent the back bone of America’s future Competitiveness in an Intellectually Driven Global Economy, are relegated to low wages, budget cuts and/or massive layoffs, something must give. Just like NASA eventually became obsolete, so will the over paying of Uneducated Professional Athletes who provide no added value to the Global Economy. Mark these words, Joe Johnson and the rest of his Uneducated NBA/BIG3 Slave Buddies will eventually play the game of basketball for sweatshop wages, or they will walk their Dumb Ass’s straight to Skid Row without passing GO, and without collecting $200.00. And due to the fact that America can no-longer afford to waste Precious Resources on the swift, strong, illiterate and Economically Inefficient Dumb Jock’s like Joe Johnson; America must now invest her Precious Resources into efficient, intellectually enduring, and/or financially intelligent assets that prove economically beneficial to America’s Bottom-Line. Otherwise, America will maintain a steady course towards absolute decay and decline. So, click below and get acquainted with Joe Johnson’s Replacement.

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