One cannot say exactly how long the Nation of Islam will be allowed to claim its allegiance to Scientology’s Deity figure L. Ron Hubbard. Especially after Katie Holmes jumped ship and divorced Scientology Boy-Wonder Tom Cruise. It appears that Katie Holmes got wind that Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam were dropping Elijah Muhammad’s “Do For Self” Program and attaching the “Original Asiatic Black Man’s” Rhetoric on Scientology. We have seen this before, when the Caucasoid begins to experience economic duress, the Caucasoid starts looking for Black Organizations (i.e. The Nation of Islam) that can be liquidated. Hence, The Nation of Islam is not so much interested in preserving its Religious Facade, instead The Nation of Islam is seizing the opportunity to protect its assets. In that, when Politician no longer have enough Tax Revenue to sustain Big Government they turn to Tax Exempt Organizations like The Nation of Islam. Therefore, to ease The Nation of Islams asset liquidation, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Losers are merging their assets with the Scientology Network. In other words, what we are witnessing is the Slave (i.e. The Nation of Islam and/or Asiatic Black Man) running to a Benevolent Slave Master (i.e. Scientology and/or L. Ron Hubbard) for asset and/or income protection from the Plantation Overseer (i.e. The IRS.) Damn, who would have thought that we would see the day when the Nation of Islam would be bowing down to a so-called “Caucasoid Devils” and sacrificing “Allah’s Chosen People” just to gain assets and/or economic security for the Nation of Islam Losers. This is nothing more than a Mafia Merger between two of the biggest Theological Gangsters on the planet.

Surely, something must either emerge from the depths of this F%CKED-UP PLANET and/or Land on this F%CKED-UP PLANET and F%CK these CORRUPT-MOTHAH-F%CKAH’S UP!


 One must over and/or understand the role the Mammy played during Slavery. In that, during Slavery, Mammies who conform to the Genetic Phenotype like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott were always having sex because the Slave Master was forcing his Big-Black-Buck-Slaves to impregnate the Mammy in order to add Slaves to the Slave Plantation. Eventually, the Mammy proved to be a loyal confidant to the Slave Master, who then allowed the Mammy to be a member of the Slave Masters Kitchen Cabinet and/or to serve as the Slave Masters Liaison who negotiated the affairs of the Other Slaves who worked in the Masters House and the Slaves who worked in the Masters Fields on behalf of the Slave Master.  Mind you, the Mammy Figure has always been considered the so-called “Back-Bone” of the so-called “Black-Family”, and her primary role has always been to serve and/or take care of the Masters Children and the Masters House. Hence, the Mammy has never been in the presence of a “Real Man”, and she has only mediated conflicts and/or disputes amongst so-called “Black Men” who engage in juvenile behaviors. Case in point, when the Mammy used her Hyper-Sonic Hearing and/or Gossip-Network to determine if the Field Slaves were planning a revolt against her Slave Master. Hence, the Mammy would either warn her Slave Master, who would then Beat the shit out of the Slaves who were planning to come against the Slave Master, or the mammy would toss the Field Slaves some Pig Guts. Hell, don’t take my word for it, listen to Malcolm X: 

Be that as it may, the Mammy eventually saw that when the Slave Master beat the shit out of the Slave, it only increased the resentment and/or bitterness the Slaves had towards the Slave Master and those Slaves who lived in the Slave Masters House. So, the Mammy, with her conniving and treacherous mind-set, went into her Voodoo-Bag-of-Tricks and formulated a Voodoo Concoction that would pacify both the Slave Master and the Slaves in the Field. Hence, the Mammy’s Voodoo-Concoction and/or Recipe consisted of cooking a Hog, sprinkling some Voodoo Spices on the Hog, and feeding the best parts of the Hog (i.e. Ham) to the Slave Master, while she sent the left over parts of the Hog (i.e. Intestines aka Chitterlings) to the Slaves in the Field. Hence, the Voodoo-Concoction basically sedated the entire Plantation, thus causing the Slave Master and the Slaves in the Field to experience lethargy and a blunt affect, and therefore, nullifying the animosity the Field Slave had towards the Slave Master, and squelched the Slave Masters stress and anxiety over the daily operations of the Plantation. Now if we fast-forward to today’s modern day Mammy we see that she is still considered to be the so-called “Back-Bone” of the so-called “Black Family”, not to mention the fact that, this Treacherous-Black-Bitch can be found working in Skilled Nursing and/or Mental Health Facilities where she administers Psychotropic Medications to Patient’s her Slave Master and/or Caucasoid-Quackologist (i.e. (Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew) have labelled, “Psychotic”. Mind you, these Treacherous Black Bitches view Black Men as boys, and if you watch how they treat their husbands, they coddle and scold them like little boy’s. Case in point, Sherri Shepherd from “The View” had her husband on the show, and she would not let this so-called “Black Man” get a word in edgewise as she treated him like a Big-Black-Baby-Huey. In that, Sherri Shepherd dominated the conversation even when the questions were directed towards her husband. Now let’s be perfectly clear, during Slavery the Slave Master forced the Big-Black-Buck-Slave to have Sexual Relations with Mammy figures like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott. However, in today’s time, the Big-Black-Buck-Slave can choose to have Sexual Relations with a variety of women, especially if that Big-Black-Buck-Slave has some money. So let’s be real, no Real-Black-Man in his right mind, would be caught dead with these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Bitches. Think about it, the only way a Real-Black-Man would be caught dead, and/or even consider having sexual relations with Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Bitches like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Mo’nique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott is because that Real-Black-Man would have been guaranteed an enormous monetary pay off at the end of the abominable and/or disgusting ordeal. Which leads us to the #1 reason these Fat-Ass-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Bitches have never had a Real-Black-Man willingly use his penis to penetrate and/or impregnate her Fat-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Ass, was simply because the Real-Black-Man was not in his Right State of Mind. In that, you know GodDamn well that, it is absolutely impossible for a Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitch like Whoopi Goldberg to sneak her Ugly Ass up on a Real-Black-Man’s penis and cause him to have an erection. Hence, for that scenario to occur the Real-Black-Man would surely have to be totally Sedated and/or experiencing a Psychotic-Episode. Moreover, if Mammy-Bitches like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott get are anywhere near a Real-Black-Man and his Penis, then you better believe that, 99.999999% of the time, that Real-Black-Man is Sedated and/or Intoxicated by Drugs, Alcohol and/or some kind of Mammy-Made-Voodoo-Concoction given to him by these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches, for the sole purpose of altering the Black-Man’s Cognitive Awareness and/or Psychological Coherency. The video below is a real-life situation that should occur more often. In that, these Treacherous Black Mammy Beasty Bitches need to get the Bus Driver Uppercut at-least twice a week:

Now we see these Treacherous-Black-Devil-Bitches in the movie “Steel Magnolias”, where these Black-Devil-Bitches have inculcated themselves in a classic feature film that had an all White Woman Cast. Hence, one only has the look back at Slavery and one will find that these Treacherous-Mammy-Bitches have always longed and desired to hold the same adorning position as White Women in the Slave Master’s Mind’s Eye. However, something has shifted in the frequency vibration of the Universe, in that, their Treacherous-Voodoo-Gripe no-longer has the influence and/or power it once had over the world. Notice how none of these Black-Devil-Bitches have a “Real Man” in either “Steel Magnolias” and/or in the “Real World”. Hence, many of these Black-Devil-Bitches like Queen Latifah are either lesbians or on their way to becoming lesbians. QUESTION: Why are so many Black Women embracing the Homosexual LifeStyle? Simple, these TYLER PERRYBlack-Devil-Bitches are swinging on the other side of Heterosexuality because someone told these Black-Devil-Bitches that they are the “BackBone” of the so-called “Black Family” and they have assumed the role of the Male in the so-called “Black Family Structure”. Moreover, “Real Black Men” are tired of being manipulated and/or controlled by these Black-Devil-Bitches and their Voodoo-Magic. But what is even more interesting is the way Bitch-Ass Tyler Perry is trying to Shape-Shift and/or Transform into some kind of Overly Testosterone Driven Black Rambo in his new movie called “Alex Cross”. F%CK THAT! Be advised Tyler Perry, your Bitch-Ass entered this world as a Fat-Ass-TYLER PERRYBlack-Mammy-Bitch known as “Madea” and you will always be that Fat-Ass-Black-Mammy-Bitch known as “MADEA” you Tricky-Shape-Shifting-Mother-F%cker. For you mathematicians out there try this equation on for size: What do you get when you use the Reciprocal of the word “MADEA”? That’s right you get “AEDAM” which is phonetically pronounced as “ADAM”. And who was “ADAM”? According to the Bible, “ADAM” was the first human being on Earth and the father of all humanity. Think about it, Tyler Perry who is a Male, playing a Female called “MADEA” is nothing more than Hermaphrodite-Tricknology and/or Illusion-Confusion-Bull-Shit which is repetitively broadcasted and pulsated throughout the world like a Lion Tamer uses a four-legged stool or a whip and rod to distract and confuse the Lion he is taming. Furthermore, in the book of Genesis (1:26), “ADAM” is created by God on the sixth day of creation, in God’s own image, and given dominion over all the animals of the world. God then gives “ADAM” a female partner, Eve. Eve feeds “ADAM” fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge, after which an angry God expels them from the Garden of Eden. In Christian theology, “ADAM’s” failure to obey God is known as the Original Sin. “ADAM” fathered three sons by Eve: Cain, Abel and Seth. STOP! Surely, the Reader did not think this was going to be easy, you the Reader, will put in work. Therefore, the Reader is now left to his or her own research devices in order to make further connections between Tyler Perry’s Hyper-Religious-Voodoo-Concoction known as “MADEA / AEDAM / DEAD-I-AM / ADAM” and the Voodoo-Magic in the Fairytale Book known as “Bible”. (MAY HISTORY BE THE BEST QUALIFIER THAT REWARDS YOUR RESEARCH)


Face it, whenever a Real-Black-Man is channel surfing on TV, and that Real-Black-Man happens to stop at “The View” and/or “The Talk”, that Real-Black-Man makes the most precatory prayer of all times, in that, he prays that the camera is honed in on either Julie Chin, Leah Remini, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and/or Aisha Tyler (w/Hair-Weave), while at the same time praying to God that, the camera is not focused and/or honed in onUGLY ASS WHOOPI Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg and/or Sheryl Underwood. And if so that Real-Black-Man will break his GodDamn-Neck trying to change the channel because Basset-Hounds like: Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, and Sheryl Underwood are not easy on the Black-Man’s eyes, and cause disruption to the Black-Man’s Mental Faculties. Hell, I’d rather look at Joy Behar and/or Barbara Walters, Wrinkled-White-Ass’s then to have to spend even One-Nano-Second straining my eyes looking at Whoopi Goldberg and/or Sheryl Underwood. Hence, clearly these Black-Mammy-Bitches are not TV Friendly, which makes one wonder, what in the Hell are these Media-Executives thinking about when they showcase these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches on daytime Television, and force Real-Men to stay up until 2:00 A.M. in the morning to see Eye Candy and/or Dime Pieces on Telemundo. Hence, the fact that these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches are even allowed so much as a 10 Second Freeze-Frame and/or Camera Snip-it on Television speaks volumes to the Voodoo-Mojo-Influence these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches have over these Media-Executives at Major TV Networks. In that, these Media-Executives rather see their Profit-Margins drop before they Excommunicate and/or Ban these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches from the Air-Waves. Surely, this represents clear and convincing evidence that these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches are exercising some kind of, “Voodoo-Black-Magic” and/or have a firm controlling grip on these Media-Executives.

Look here “MEDIA-EXECUTIVES” I did not join the United States Military to risk my life fighting Terrorist Threats in order to protect and preserve the Bunker-Bubble-Lives of these Fat-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Beasty-Bitches. Furthermore, on behalf of my fellow U.S. Soldiers, my Battle-Buddies and I go through the Demanding Physical and Mental Training for Superstar Females, and we no-longer want to see these Mammy-Monsters broadcasted over the Air-Waves, we recommend that you immediately saturate the Air-Waves with the following EYE-CANDY and/or GOD’S DIME PIECES:

Face it there is not a Man on this PLANET who would not trade in his Fat-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Beasty-Bitch for a Superstar Female. Likewise, there is not a Deity in the known regions of the Universe who is planning to return to this PLANET to save and/or redeem anything less than a Superstar Quality Female. Therefore, those of you who have bought into the Preachers Bull-Shit-Fairytale that talks about a MESSIAH and/or MAHDI returning to save and/or redeem the so-called “Righteous”, Think again because the real chosen people of GOD are all the EYE CANDY and/or DIME PIECES who conform to the following Genetic Nomenclatures: (EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT, YOU FAT-NASTY-TREACHEROUS-BLACK-MAMMY-BITCHES)