One cannot say exactly how long the Nation of Islam will be allowed to claim its allegiance to Scientology’s Deity figure L. Ron Hubbard. Especially after Katie Holmes jumped ship and divorced Scientology Boy-Wonder Tom Cruise. It appears that Katie Holmes got wind that Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam were dropping Elijah Muhammad’s “Do For Self” Program and attaching the “Original Asiatic Black Man’s” Rhetoric on Scientology. We have seen this before, when the Caucasoid begins to experience economic duress, the Caucasoid starts looking for Black Organizations (i.e. The Nation of Islam) that can be liquidated. Hence, The Nation of Islam is not so much interested in preserving its Religious Facade instead The Nation of Islam is seizing the opportunity to protect its assets. In that, when Politician no longer have enough Tax Revenue to sustain Big Government they turn to Tax Exempt Organizations like The Nation of Islam. Therefore, to ease The Nation of Islam’ asset liquidation, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Losers are merging their assets with the Scientology Network. In other words, what we are witnessing is the Slave (i.e. The Nation of Islam and/or Asiatic Black Man) running to a Benevolent Slave Master (i.e. Scientology and/or L. Ron Hubbard) for asset and/or income protection from the Plantation Overseer (i.e. The IRS.) Damn, who would have thought that we would see the day when the Nation of Islam would be bowing down to a so-called “Caucasoid Devils” and sacrificing “Allah’s Chosen People” just to gain assets and/or economic security for the Nation of Islam Losers. This is nothing more than a Mafia Merger between two of the biggest Theological Gangsters on the planet. Surely, something must either emerge from the depths of this F%CKED-UP PLANET and/or Land on this F%CKED-UP PLANET and F%CK these CORRUPT-MOTHAH-F%CKAH’S UP!

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