NOI_NEMESIS @NOI_Nimisis @fontainedeon This clown recieves a trophy for what? He is supposed to have access to "59,999 BOOKS OF SUPREME WISDOM"... Yet, he nor Farrakhan can transmit a message to the "BROTHAH's" on Mars, in order to let them know what colonization looks like when Elon Musk shows up! Vickie Muhammad @TooSiriusmindED What makes... Continue Reading → According to Elijah Farrakhan's wife, Danielle Farrakhan, Christina Mackey is her Daughter. Therefore, this fowl mouthed Succubus Christina Mackey is in some shape or form related to Mr. Almighty "Divine One", Louis Farrakhan. What in the Literal Hell is Louis Farrakhan, Ishmael Muhammad and the Nation of Islam running at Mosque Maryam?

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