This clown recieves a trophy for what? He is supposed to have access to “59,999 BOOKS OF SUPREME WISDOM”… Yet, he nor Farrakhan can transmit a message to the “BROTHAH’s” on Mars, in order to let them know what colonization looks like when Elon Musk shows up!

Vickie Muhammad


What makes you think they don’t have the vibration to communicate with the beings Mars or the Moons of Saturn? Only a fool goes by what he can only see on the surface. Nimisis envy isn’t an attribute.



Hey Vickie, CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Vickie, you should ask Farrakhan’s “STAR SCHOLARS” (i.e., Ishmael, Nuri, Wesley, Ava, Carlos, Jeffrey and Shaheed) why they are too scared to refute and/or challange my research, actual facts and data?

Funny, The NOI claims to have “GOD” in their pockets but they are too scared to delve into the Science of White Noise or Challenge whatever it is on the otherside of a OUIJA BOARD…

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