Make no mistake, surely any so-called "Deity, God, Saviour and/or Originator" would possess a far Superior Substance (i.e., Quantum Sperm) in its (i.e., God or Deity) System and Brain than Testosterone and Intelligence? Therefore, it (i.e., Deity or God) is only going to return to save Genetically Superior Superstar Females (TOP G / MGTOW... Continue Reading →

THE SHOWDOWN WILL TAKE PLACE ON FEBRUARY 2022 AT SAVIOURS DAY… WILL THE (F.O.I.) FLUNKIES OF ISLAM SHOW UP? JUST EXECUTED A (3) THREE-DAY DETOX-FAST ON NOTHING BUT Essentia Ionized Alkaline 9.5 pH Water AND Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar w/ a hint of gingerCURRENTLY SIPPING ON NAVY BEAN SOUP, F%CK YOUR RAW MILK, I... Continue Reading → Louis Farrakhan Net Worth: Milquetoast Louis Farrakhan is an American religious huckster who has a net worth of $5 million (And still claims he is "suffering"). Farrakhan earned his net worth through duping Poor Black People out of their money. He really brought in the money during his "POWER" Tour in the early 90's. But... Continue Reading → MILQUETOAST FARRAKHAN THROWS DR. KHALID MUHAMMAD UNDER THE BUS AND FARRAKHAN' MINIONS AND THE BLACK COUNSCIOUSNESS COMMUNITY EXPECT MR. FARRAH GRAY TO KEEP THE NAME "FARRAKHAN". THEY TRY TO GUILT AND SHAME DR. KHALID' SON INTO HOLD ON TO HIS ORIGINAL NAME OF "FARRAKHAN" BY CALLING MR. GRAY A "SELL OUT"... Just like Farrakhan's... Continue Reading →

The Gentleman you see above is co-called Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, a High Yellow House Negro, Card Carrying Hair Club for Men, Rogaine Reject and/or so-called, “Student Minister” and/or Flunky for the very soon to be defunct, Nation of Islam. During a visit to Mosque Maryam on the South side of Chicago, locate in the... Continue Reading →

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