sperm Make no mistake, surely any so-called “Deity, God, Saviour and/or Originator” would possess a far Superior Substance (i.e., Quantum Sperm) in its (i.e., God or Deity) System and Brain than Testosterone and Intelligence? Therefore, it (i.e., Deity or God) is only going to return to save Genetically Superior Superstar Females (TOP G / MGTOW compliant of course). Let’s get this shit straight, you mean to tell me that as F%cked-Up as the Gene Pool is on this F%cked-Up Planet, that a so-called “Saviour, Deity and/or God” is returning to save Ugly Bitches like: Corrine (F%cking) Brown, Atama (The Monster) Omara , Whoopi (F%cking) Goldberg, Symone (DooDoo) Sanders, Maya (The Beast) Angelou, Maxine (Toxic) Waters and Karen (Pig Lipstick) Lewis in order to make so-called “Heaven” just as Ugly and F%cked-Up as this F%cked-Up Planet?

You make your so-called “Deity, God, Messiah, Mahdi and/or Saviour'” sound, Retarded and Unintelligent. Therefore, feast your eyes on The Real Children of Israel and/or God’s Dime Pieces and/or God’s Chosen Ones. Behold, Genetically Superior Superstar Females are the only solution to solving the problems in the known regions of the Universe. They will repopulate the known regions of the Universe, while at the same time establishing a Supreme Utopia that no one has ever seen and/or envisioned in trillions of light years. Prepare the Rocket Ship, Mr. Elon Musk, for these are the only Females Authorized to travel beyond the Moon.

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