The CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR ECONOMIC INITIATIVES is an Emotionally Driven "Non-Profit" Pyramid-Ponzi Scheme. Not once do they mention MAKING $$$-MILLIONS for potential clients. This is a Pyramid-Ponzi Scheme based on stickly Emotional Contributions that makes the 501(c)3 Top so-called "Non-Profit" Holder RICH! Hey, CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR ECONOMIC INITIATIVES, do not insult our intelligence...... Continue Reading →

JOHN "HOPE" BRYANT IS A BONAFIDE FRAUD! Remember, AMWAY (SCAMWAY), HERBALIFE and PYRAMID SCHEMES... This clown JOHN "HOPE" BRYANT is a fraud and a scam artist. Ask JOHN "HOPE" BRYANT, is the product that you are peddling, tangible and concrete? JOHN "HOPE" BRYANT is simply asking for charitable contributions in order to line his own... Continue Reading →

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