Remember, AMWAY (SCAMWAY), HERBALIFE and PYRAMID SCHEMES… This clown JOHN “HOPE” BRYANT is a fraud and a scam artist. Ask JOHN “HOPE” BRYANT, is the product that you are peddling, tangible and concrete? JOHN “HOPE” BRYANT is simply asking for charitable contributions in order to line his own pockets. And there is nothing but BULL-SHIT ABSTRACT “HOPE” behind JOHN “HOPE” BRYANT’S scam. When was the last time you took “HOPE” to the bank and received cash? When was the last time you paid your light and gas bill with “HOPE”? Sorry JOHN “HOPE” BRYANT, we can’t eat “HOPE” you Mothah-F%cking Fraud.

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  1. Thank you for calling attention to this fraudster. The organization takes in tens of millions of dollars and yet provides no verifiable or tangible benefits to anyone

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