YeaNAZI PROPAGANDAh, you guessed it, Hollywood is at it again. Hollywood is predominantly Jewish and it appears that Hollywood is utilizing the Nazi Propaganda Playbook when it come’s to the African-American-Male (King Kong). Hence, one should never forget how Nazi Germany rose to power. They used propaganda that portrayed the so-called “Jews” as subhuman and supposedly euthanized approximately 6 (six) million so-called “Jews”.

A Syndrome is a set of symptoms and signs that are usually due to a single cause (or set of related causes) and together indicate a particular physical or mental disease or disorder. The reader is about to embark on what is known as the Model. The Syneptics Model is an educational approach that emphasizes creative problem solving and the development of teaching methods that enhance ones creativity, such as encouraging metaphorical thinking. In that, the metaphorical perspective in this writing reveals anomalies that social scientist dare not to touch. Dr. Bomani antagonistically say’s “In Your Face” Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, come analyze this topic you fraudulent erudite’s.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (1991), eludes to the Caucasian Collectives perceived fear and/or threat of the African-American Male by postulating the following, “The war of white genetic survival attacks the functioning of Blacks in general, but it most specifically attacks the Black male, as it is the Black male who most specifically threatens white genetic survival at a level the Black female is unable to approach.”

The King Kong Syndrome establishes and preserves the “Menacing Black Brut” and/or African-American Male Threat in the Caucasian Brain Computer. If this were not the case, than Caucasians may grow sympathetic to the harsh treatment towards African-Americans, as in the case of the redundant and/or almost ritualistic repeat of movies like “King Kong” and “The Planet of the Apes”. One must understand the fact that if African-American males are not contained and/or reduced to the level of a beast in the Mainstream Caucasian Collective, in order to squelch curiosities of Caucasian women that may contribute to “White Genetic Annihilation” or what’s known as, “The Jane Goodall Fantasy”. Clearly there is an intelligent and diabolical mind at work when themes like Slavery, Black Power and Revolution can be masterfully harnessed and played out on the big screen. Like clockwork, Hollywood seems to know exactly when to release updated versions of “King Kong” and “The Planet of the Apes”. In that, there appears to be a correlation in the release time of “King Kong” and “The Planet of the Apes” and economic down turns in society. Funny, but can it be that keen Hollywood Minds possess extensive data relating to human development and/or human behavior that these Hollywood Minds know exactly what images to project in order to satisfy the public’s cravings? In that, a rat addicted to drugs will begin to withdraw and ultimately self-destruct until the experimenter administers the proper dose of drug that satisfies the rats’ addiction. Therefore, the Mainstream Caucasian Collective does not have to place African-American’s in physical bondage as long as the perceptions and mental focus of African-American’s are captured and/or captivated by pictures and images that African-American’s consciously and subconsciously identify with.

 A subliminal message is a message that programs the subconscious mind, causing an unconscious behavioral response. The subconscious communicates in a different language than the conscious mind. It has an internal operational language that speaks only in picture. These images are the fabric and substance of the subconscious mind. Therefore, in a snap shot analysis of the motion picture “King Kong”. King Kong is captured and enslaved for the sole purpose of providing Caucasian’s with profits and entertainment, very similar to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade that occurred in America. The over arching climax in the film reveals powerful symbols related to what Dr. Francis Cress Welsing refers to as, “The war of white genetic survival”. Hence, King Kong (The Menacing Black Threat) climbs to the top of a sky scraper (Symbolic Phallic and/or Penis) and like Black Sperm oozing from the tip of a penis King Kong (The Menacing Black Threat) is shot down by what Caucasian’s call the “Great Equalizer” or the Gun (Symbolic Phallic and/or Penis.) Even more revealing is that statistics show that Caucasian Police Officers are more likely and/or psychologically predisposed to shooting and killing unarmed African-American males under the guise that the Caucasian Police Officer thought the African-American male had a weapon. It would be interesting to study if the shooting of African-American males by Caucasian Police Officers dramatically increase after the release of movies like, “King Kong” and/or “The Planet of the Apes”. Can someone say “Dissertation”?

Brian Banks, a Black Man who was captured and convicted by a Racist-Caucasoid-Controlled-Judicial-System for a crime he did not commit. And as long as Brian Banks grins and smiles he will be free. Brian Banks was sold down the river, and abandoned by USC Coach, Pete Carroll, only to be vindicated and/or exonerated by the same Racist-Caucasoid-Controlled-Judicial-System. Just like a Happy Darkie for being falsely accused and imprisoned for (6) six years of his life, Coach Pete Carroll is offering Brian Banks a job on the Caucasoid’s NFL Plantation.

Now where have we seen this scenario before?


AH-HAH, in the Caucasoid’s Fantasy-Formation called “KING KONG”. In that, King Kong committed the greatest criminal taboo a Black Man and/or Beast could ever commit in the Mind’s Eye of the Caucasoid. In that, King Kong showed criminal intent by lusting after the Caucasian Woman. Similarly, in 1955 the Caucasoid Mind-Set expressed his disdain for Black Men even looking in the direction of his Caucasoid Woman, in that, when a Black Boy named Emmett Till “Talked Fresh” to a Caucasoid Female the Caucasoid Male made sure that the Black Boy was brutally punished. Like Emmett Till, King Kong was so enamored with this Caucasian Woman that he was oblivious to the depths of the Caucasoid’s Psychosis known as “Black-Male-Penis-Envy” and/or “The Profit Motive”, so much so, that King Kong’s only strategy was to go on a violent rampage. In that, King Kong was willing to destroy the entire planet just to hold the Caucasian Woman in his hand. Furthermore, the Caucasian Woman eventually grew to admire and adore King Kong’s ferocious and lustful desire to provide her with safety and security. Similar in the case of Brian Banks we see the Caucasoid-Woman expressing emotion and remorse for what her Racist-Caucasoid-Controlled-Judicial-System did to an innocent Black Man. But of course we all know Brian Banks was not released out from under the Caucasoid’s Jurisdiction without being fully indoctrinated in the “Turn-The-Other-Cheek” protocols from Guessy Jessie Jackson, Cow Down Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King Jr. and the infamous “Can’t We All Get Along” Rodney King, or better known as the “WE-SHALL-OVER-COME-SO-LET-THE-WHITE-MAN-F%CK-THE BLACK-MAN-IN-THE–ASS-TO-KEEP-THE-NON-VIOLENT-HOPE-ALIVE, POSSY”.

Now one must understand that The Caucasoid Mind-Set has learned from past mistakes when dealing with Black People who no-longer contribute to his Bottom-Line. You see, King Kong was capture during an Economic Depression, and King Kong was brought to America to be exploited for the sole purpose of generating wealth for Caucasians and/or to boost America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP.) Hence, King Kong’s Profit Motive is very similar to the way Caucasoid-Shareholder hope, Pray, and in some cases force Black Entertainer’s like: Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Fat Ass Oprah Winfrey back in to the lime-light in order to boost the Gross Domestic Product and/or to raise the Economic Tide for Caucasoid-Shareholders.



These facts clearly demonstrate the Supreme Leaning Curve of the Caucasoid Mind-Set. In that, since the murder of Emmett Till, the Caucasoid Mind-Set has learned that, it is less advantageous to the Gross Domestic Product if Black People are exterminated before they are allowed to generate income. Think about it, by releasing Brian Banks, and sending him to the NFL Plantation, this not only takes the burden off the State to house and feed Brian Banks, but it serves as a pilot study for future releases. In that, Brian Banks is not only hungry and willing to conform to whatever his Caucasoid NFL Slave Masters demand of him, but he will probably take a fraction of the salary that would normally be paid to a first round draft pick. Hell, the NFL-Marketing-Department knows that the Brian Banks hype-story alone is going the influence ticket sales. Think about it, since Prisoners will play Football for peanuts, the NFL will generate enough revenue to settle legal claims over brain related injuries, and put an end to concerns about concussions because NFL Player will be Convicted Felons, and no one cares about a Felons Brain being injured. Not to mention that fact that the U.S. Prison Population stands at 2, 166,260, and this represents a hefty burden on the U.S. Economy, and the Caucasoid Mind-Set would rather have these Prisoners generating income and boosting the Gross Domestic Product, as opposed to providing these Prisoners with “THREE-HOT’S-AND-A-COT”. God Damn, a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD” has never been so obvious. Maybe this is why States take so long to execute Prisoners on Death Row, and why States are placing  a moratorium on the Death Penalty. Hence, the Caucasoid Mind-Set intends to profit off the Prison Population before exterminating them. Just like a Caucasoid-Blood-Sucking-Reptile.

Clearly, something must land on this F%CKED-UP PLANET and F%CK this Caucasoid-Blood-Sucking-Reptile UP.

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