Funny, The "Deity" Ava speaks of and/or for needs Her, Farrakhan and their NOI Minions to speak on "its (i.e., Allah/God)" behalf. Funny, this "ALL POWERFUL "GOD" needs imperfect beings to speak for "It". Funny, we have yet to see so much as a Certified Letter from Farrakhan's "Deity" Stating and/or Qualifying Farrakhan and... Continue Reading → No one is trying to kill you Farrakhan. We just are no longer financing your heaven... Get out of our pockets, Clown! Looks like only 1,507 fearless viewers showed up, GODDAMN SHAME... Stop with your wolf tickets... I'll let it alone, Farrakhan has been saying the same old silly nonsense and nothing has ever... Continue Reading →

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