Funny, The “Deity” Ava speaks of and/or for needs Her, Farrakhan and their NOI Minions to speak on “its (i.e., Allah/God)” behalf. Funny, this “ALL POWERFUL “GOD” needs imperfect beings to speak for “It”. Funny, we have yet to see so much as a Certified Letter from Farrakhan’s “Deity” Stating and/or Qualifying Farrakhan and NOI Minions as “GOD’s” Ordained. If anyone out their recieved such a Document and/or Declaration and/or Memo from “GOD” which states that we all are to follow Farrakhan and The NOI please show and prove the Document was written and/or Executed by “ALLAH / GOD”. One must embrace the Actual Facts that: The Nation of Islam hase done nothing for 90-years but Flap Their Gums while the condition of so-called “Black People” has gotten worse since the inception of The Nation of Islam!

Message to the Black Man

Number 15

The NOI Box

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