Have you ever wondered why Morgan Freeman can play Hollywood roles like: God, the President of the United States and serve as Batman’s butler? It is because in the movie “Shaw Shank Redemption” Mr. Freeman can be observed eating shit off of a White Man’s boot. Morgan Freeman can say and do whatever he wants no matter how detrimental his caricature is on the African-American Psyche. Mr. Freeman does not answer to the African-American Collective, he answers to the Jewish Guy who signs his check. The movie “Driving Miss Daisy” represented digression for the African-American Psyche. In that, from Jim Crow to the Civil Rights Movement, Driving Miss Daisy sets the African-American Brain Computer back at-least 200 years. But even more outlandish and destructive is the very noticeable silence and lack of condemnation of the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” from Civil Rights Organization like the Urban League, the NAACP and the Rainbow PUSH Organization. Not to mention the noticeable “Hush Mode” many so-called Black Leaders were on when “Driving Miss Daisy” debuted in 1989. Let’s keep it real, Morgan Freeman is but another Black Sambo playing the slave roles in order to subliminally imprison the Black Brain Computer into a Slave Plantation Box. Therefore, since Mr. Freeman is so eager to play the role of a slave, he should get the full treatment of a Slave. In that, Morgan Freeman should receive the total 360 degree Negro treatment such as being tarred and feathered as though he were caught looking cockeyed at the slave masters daughter.


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