The Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator Henry Ford lived from 1863-1947, and a Psycho-Historical Analysis of his life span suggests that Henry Ford had to see the day when the Non-Caucasoid-Humanoid (i.e. The Black Man) and the Horse would no-longer be a viable labor component in the Caucasoid-Reptilian Global Economy. So, Henry Ford had to examine and/or study the Native American’s tenacious and/or relentless desire to reclaim what the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Invaders stole from him. Furthermore, Henry Ford must have dreamed of capturing and/or harnessing that internal Fighting-Flame within the so-called Indian. Be that as it may, the term “INJUN and/or ENGINE” was an offensive slang term for Native Americans, also called Indians, and is just an alternative pronunciationof the word Indian. And we all know that these so-called Indians have been decimated by the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s extermination tactics. Oh, and let us not forget that, after the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator invaded and destroy the indigenous peoples of so-called America, to this day, the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Invaders continue to mock and/or taunt the indigenous people by naming Sporting Teams, Motorcycles and/or Mascots after the indigenous tribes of so-called America. God Damn, this Caucasoid-Reptile-Apex-Predator does not have a shameful and/or remorseful bone in his/her Reptilian Body. However, let us proceed with our evaluation of this Psychotic-Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator.

Hence, the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s psychological obsession to choke the life force out of Black Men by lynching and/or setting Black Men on fire gave Henry Ford the idea to build a machine that would eventually replace the Black Man. Hence, not only did the incineration of Black Men cause a decrease in the labor force, but it triggered Henry Ford’s Psychotic Tendencies which caused Henry Ford to marvel over the Power that Fire had in consuming the Life Force out of a Black Man. Moreover, Henry Ford’s observation and/or study of Black Men being incinerated by the Hate Filled and/or Psychotic Impulsivity which fed and/or soothed the internal flame within the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator, led Henry Ford to invent a contraption known as the “Combustion Engine” which is nothing more than “Fire Trapped in a Box”. In that, one must understand that Henry Ford’s “Combustion Engine” is nothing more than an inverted version of setting a Black Man on fire. In that, Henry Ford merely took the Work Power Potential of the Native American, the Black Man and/or the Horse, and placed it in a box known as the “Combustion Engine”.

SIDE NOTE: A “Movie Projector and/or Television” is similar to a “Combustion Engine” in that, it captures and/or harnesses the power of light and/or fire in order to project images in order to consume the Attention and/or the Work Power Potential of the Human Mind.

From the Freudian Perspective the Automobile is considered an extension of a driver’s genitalia. However, one will concur that NO Horse, Native American or Black Man had any control over the creation of the Automobile, and since we agree that the extermination of the “Native America”, and the Incineration of the Black Man inspired Henry Ford to create the Automobile, we can also agree that, the Automobile represents the extension of the Caucasoid-Reptilian Penis. And let us not forget how excited the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator gets over the revving and/or roaring of an Automobile Engine, so much so, that the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator refers to the revving and roar of an Automobile Engine as being “Throaty”. Now you may be asking, what is so significant about the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s use of the word “Throaty” when describing the power of a “Combustion Engine” that was inspired by the incineration and extermination of Non-Caucasoid Humanoids, particularly, the Black Man? Great Question, allow me to explain, well, think about it, within the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator ritual of lynching Black Men, the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator places the rope around the Black Man’s “THROAT”.

Oh, and let us not forget that, NASCAR attracts and/or excites the most Anti-Non-Caucasoid-Humanoid and/or Anti-Black-Men crowds and/or groups on the planet. Hell, even Michelle Obama was boo’d by NASCAR Fans as she posed for photo opts, and attempted to pander to the Psychotic NASCAR Fans. Hence, if it were not for the “THROATY” sounds revving and/or roaring from NASCAR Engines, and the “THROATY” sounds ability to subdue, calm, soothe and/or relax the Psychotic-Tendencies of the NASCAR-Fanatic, it is very possible that Michelle Obama would have been Lynched, and America would experience an increase in burning and/or lynching of Black Men on a massive scale. Oh, and let us not forget that, the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator can be observed invading Non-Caucasoid-Nations for the sole suppose of usurping and/or sucking a Black Substance called “Oil” out of the ground of these Non-Caucasoid-Nations, just to feed the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s insatiable and/or obsessive appetite to hear the “THROATY” Rev and Roar sounds of the “Combustion Engine”. Not to mention how NASCAR-Fanatics thumb their noses at the rest the world as NASCAR-Fanatics wastes the stolen “Oil” by revving their engines and/or driving their Gas-Guzzling-Race-Cars in a circle, while at the same time the American Government hypocritically claims to be a leader in “Energy Conservation”.

OH THE HYPOCRACY! In that, the NASCAR Racing Season begins on the same day the Planet celebrates Earth Day. Only the Psychotic Caucasoid Mind-Set can declare to the world that resources such as Gas and Oil are scarce, and at the same time engage in NASCAR Racing. In that, the NASCAR CAUCASOID MIND-SET burns gas and oil by driving American Made Gas Guzzler Automobiles in a circle. Face it, NASCAR is nothing more than a Caucasoid Superiority Complex running amuck. In that, America has sent U.S. Soldiers into Oil Rich Nations to maim and slaughter “Non-White Populations”, just so the NASCAR CAUCASOID MIND-SET can acquire the gas and oil needed to maintain their psychotic obsession for burning and wasting gas and/or oil. Surely, one will agree that this particular behavior represents the inner depths of the Caucasian’s Psychopathic Tendencies. The message NASCAR sends to the world is contemptuous and obscene. In that, NASCAR’S Psychosis of Waste tells the world, we [CAUCASOID MIND-SET] intend to maim and murder the entire “Non-White Population” on the planet, just to have the gas and oil necessary to feed the NASCAR’S [CAUCASOID MIND-SET’S] Psychotic and/or Hypocritical appetite for wasteful thrills (i.e. Driving a Gas Guzzling Automobile in a Circle.) Surely, something must land on this F%CK-UP Planet and F%CK this Caucasoid up.

Woew to the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Rulers on this F%CKED-UP PLANET! Surely, something must land on, or emerge from this F%CK-UP PLANET and F%CK YOUR CAUCASOID-REPTILIAN-ASS UP.

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