The Caucasian Collective demonstrates supreme intelligence when it reinforces imagery that soothes and comforts the mental anguish “Non-White Humanoids” appear to cause the Caucasian Collective. In order to condition a rat to execute a particular behavior the Experimenter must reward the rat with that which motivates and/or reinforces the rat to engage in the behavior desired by the experimenter. Now we segue into analyzing the films “Training Day” starring Denzel Washington, and “Monsters Ball” starring Halle Barry. Both actors received Oscar’s for their performances. In that, Denzel Washington an African-American male played the role of a corrupt and rogue Police Officer in “Training Day”. Halle Berry an African-American female played a love interest of a Caucasian man in the film “Monsters Ball”. The point is, like the rat in an experiment the African-American will exercise desired behavior in order to receive a reward or reinforcement (i.e. Oscar) from the experimenter. Then the experimenter broadcasts and projects the images to the world and/or to other Rat Brain Computers causing the masses of rats to engage in behaviors that are rewarded by the Experimenter. Halle Berry and Denzel Washington winning Oscar’s for destructive and/or counterproductive roles represents the reward or reinforcement for behaviors desirable, soothing and comforting to the Mainstream Caucasian Collective. Mind Control is alive and well, may the “Best” mind win “The Battle in the Sky”.


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