• We know Louis Farrakhan appears capable of organizing Hyper-Religious, highfalutin and Action-less Pep-Rallies amongst so-called “Black People” such as: The Million Man March in Washington D.C. on October 16, 1995.

  • We know Louis Farrakhan often proclaims that, “Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam”. However, Louis Farrakhan appears incoherent and oblivious when it comes to the Nation of Islam’s Carbon Footprint as he drives around town burning and wasting fuel at 7 Miles Per Gallon in his Environmentally Inefficient and Gas Guzzling Hummer. Hmmm, I suspect protecting and preserving “GOD’S” Planet goes right out the window when it comes to the Nation of Islam’s so-called “Supreme Wisdom and/or Mathematics”.

  • We know that Louis Farrakhan will order the Fruit of Islam into the streets to illegally solicit for donations by knocking on doors to hand-out propaganda material such as: Final Call News Papers and DVD’s. Not to mention the fact that, Louis Farrakhan proclaims to be the possessor of so-called “Divine Knowledge” capable of healing the entire Planet, yet Louis Farrakhan and the Fruit of Islam excluded predominantly Affluent Jewish and/or Caucasoid Neighborhoods. Hmmm, can it be that Louis Farrakhan and his Black Army know that certain affluent communities do not tolerate illegal solicitations? But let’s go on…

  • We know Louis Farrakhan will not even have an iota of a thought about ordering the Fruit of Islam to purchase and stockpile weapons in order to protect their Life, Liberty and Property. And based on what occurred in Libya and the assassination of Louis Farrakhan’s so-called “friend”, Muammar Gaddafi, we know Louis Farrakhan will not give the Fruit of Islam Mobilization  Orders to Iran or any other Islamic Nation in order to fight against America, Zionist Israel and NATO. Moreover, it is obvious that Louis Farrakhan has no Command and Control over this Mother-Wheel he claims to be connected to. Otherwise, why doesn’t Louis Farrakhan send this Mother-Wheel to counter President Obama’s Predators Drone Strikes and/or Bombs he is dropping on Louis Farrakhan’s so-called “Muslim Family”?

What else do we know about the Divine-Magician known as, Louis Farrakhan and his House of Magic known as, The Nation of Islam? Oh, here is one more thing we know…

  • We know that, Louis Farrakhan often gives the blow-by-blow about the atrocious condition so-called, “Black People” are in all over the world due to White Supremacy. We even know that Louis Farrakhan loves to parallel the plight of “Black People” with Biblical Fairytales and/or Caricatures like: Pharaoh, Moses and The Children of Israel. Yet, Louis Farrakhan, who sits in the seat of the so-called “Messenger of God and/or Allah” cannot and/or will not devise a so-called, “Divine Strategic Plan” that will force America to “Let his People Go” and/or to encourage “Black People” to detach from the so-called, “Natural Enemy of God and/or The White Man’s Life Support System”.

Hey Louis Farrakhan, why not give the Fruit of Islam Marching Orders to report to Skid-Row in Los Angeles, California with their sleeping bags to carry out and execute “Operation Detach from the Caucasoid’s Grid”? Otherwise, The Nation of Islam should pack up its “Dog and Pony Show and/or Close down its “Snake Oil Marketing Gimmick” and put in a request to the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Slave-Masters over at the FBI, NSA and CIA to place you Hucksters in their Witness/Informant Protection Program so you clowns can live “Happily Ever After” in-side of Grand-Master Walt Disney’s Fairytale Bubble… YOU F%CKING FRAUDS!

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