That “Caucasoid Mind-Set” is as cold-blooded and ruthless as it has ever been. Think about it, the Caucasoid Judicial System delays justice in the murder of Trayvon Martin, and then rolls a debilitated Muhammad Ali out on a golf cart. As if to say look, we [The Caucasoid Mind-Set] no-longer have to blatantly and/or indiscriminately murder and maim Black Men, but we can make Black Men entertain and tickle the Caucasoid Collective, even in the Black Man’s Geriatric years. Hence, Parading Muhammad Ali around a baseball field in his debilitated condition was insulting and disrespectful to Muhammad Ali’s legacy, and Minister Farrakhan’s fantastic notions about Original Asiatic Black Man being God of the Planet Earth. What this picture suggests is, after the Slave Master works his Slave till the Slave can no-longer work, and in a catatonic state, the Slave Master put’s the Catatonic Slave on display, very similar to the way a hunter stuffs and taxidermies the hunters dead animal trophies. God Damn! Something must land on this F%cked-Up Planet and F%ck this Caucasoid up. For the Asiatic Black Man, whether righteous or unrighteous, has surely proven incapable of his task.

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