Colin Kaepernick an NFL Quarterback known for kneeling during The National Anthem, is now having trouble finding a job in the NFL as a free agent. Mind you, Kaepernick’s ability to find a job in the NFL, has forced Colin Kaepernick into submission, to the point that, he is begging The NFL Plantation Owners to hire him, while at the same time exclaiming that he will never kneel during The National Anthem. But, what one would call, The Piece de Resistance, is that those Clowns who Cheered Kaepernick on, are NOT stepping up on Kaepernick’s behalf MIN LOUIS FARRAKHANand offering him employment. Hell, Louis Farrakhan who boasted accolades and homage to Kaepernick’s kneeling has not reached out to Kaepernick and offered him a Job in the Nation of Islam. Furthermore, the Clowns cbcin The Congressional Black Caucus have not called Kaepernick into their chambers in order to offer Kaepernick a job. Oh, even that “Impeachment” Bitch maxine watersMaxine Waters has looked the other way when it comes to providing employment to Kaepernick. Moreover, the Dikes at Black Lives Matter can’t even give Kaepernick a black lives matterloan to hold him over until his Unemployment Checks start rolling in. And Bitch Ass Roland Martin at TV One, was one of Colin Kaepernick’s biggest cheerleaders. Yet, Roland Martin has no job for Kaepernick.

Be advised, for those of you who go out, or planning to go out on a limb for Negros. Kaepernick is your Best Example that, Opportunistic Negro’s have nothing for you when you need them. 

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