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“YOU THE JURY” may have been devised in order to squelch Farrakhan’s “JUSTICE OR ELSE” movement. Who knows? Both concepts are being used simply to pacify The American Public who watched Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner and most recently, Susan Rice and U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown engage in Criminal and Fraudulent Behaviours and got off, scot-free. 

Notice, how Louis Farrakhan gives the blow-by-blow concerning the condition of Black People, but never offers lessons on 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status, or how the Nation of Islam maintains its Finances. It is simply because The Nation of Islam runs its organization like an Arabic Dictatorship or Ponzi Scheme, where only a few at the top get rich, while those at the bottom dig a ditch. Was Master Fard a god, or just a broke ass Arab selling a Pyramid Scheme? In that, The Nation of Islam and its cronies are just regurgitating the same old redundant Bull-Shit. Mind you, Malcolm X was saying the same thing approximately 70 years ago and The Nation of Islam has made no progress, none. Farrakhan preaches the same old Broken Record Bull-Shit. Someone has to change the trajectory of The Nation of Islam. All due respect, but Farrakhan should give marching orders to the FOI, to report to skid-row with outdoor survival equipment and exit from the WHITE MAN’S GRID (your so-called ENEMY). Do something other than the some old BULL-SHIT. Black People remain in a ditch, and NOI Leaders remain at the Podium saying the same shit that was said 82 years ago. What has Changed? As of right now, White People are experiencing zero population, now the kicker is, that the only power the Black Man possesses is to use his genetic material impregnating fat white women in order to speed up the White Zero Population Fact. But let me ask you this, why does The Nation of Islam and its Cronies quote the BIBLE AND QURAN while at the same time exonerating a Deity (i.e. ALLAH) that relies on The Nation of Islam and its Cronies to speak on its behalf? The Nation of Islam and its Cronies can speak for/to their Deity until eternity and It (ALLAH) will never speak for itself. In other words, why should I listen to The Nation of Islam and its Cronies (THE MIDDLE MEN TO GOD) and instead go direct to their GOD, who by the way cannot speak. The Nation of Islam and its Cronies quote the BOOK called BIBLE which was given to The Nation of Islam and its Cronies by their Slave Master (THE WHITE MAN). Be real, as long as Farrakhan keeps his followers focused on a spook god, Farrakhan does not pose any threat to White Supremacy. The minute The Nation of Islam and its Cronies fully and completely detach from The Nation of Islam’s Redundant Religious BULL-SHIT is the day you become a Major Threat to your Slave Master and/or White Supremacy.

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