So-called “Dr.” Wesley Muhammad gives Bull-Shit answer to question: If the Black Man is “GOD” why is the Caucasoid (White Man) in POWER?

Ben this guy is giving you a bunch of BULL-SHIT, Wesley is a BUll-Shit Artist. You see Ben, according to the teachings of the Nation of Islam, The so-called “Black GOD/Man” created the Caucasoid. Now you want to know why the White Man rules over the so-called “Black God/Man”? Simple, the so-called “Black GOD/Man” is NO LONGER AUTHORIZED to rule again because he may create another atrocity (i.e. The Caucasoid). Think about it, even though the Caucasoid is either at and/or approaching (0) zero population, and it may force his elimination from the planet sooner, the so-called “Black God/Man” will still have to contend with the Asian Man. Hell, the so-called  “Black GOD/Man” allows the White Man to kick his ass, simply because the White Man trained the so-called “Black GOD/Man” to Love the White Man’s dirty bath water. Now What the F%ck do you think China has in store for the so-called “Black GOD/Man”? The Nation of Islam thought/thinks the Caucasoid has given the so-called “Black God/Man” a Hell of a time on this F%cked-up Planet, you have not seen anything yet when that Asian Man starts to whip the Ass of the so-called “Black GOD/Man”. We often here the Nation of Islam speak of “Separation from their Caucasoid Creation” but never lay out the plan. I spoke with one Hyper-Black Individual who was boasting about his Church and its connection with a so-called “Black Owned Bank” and  “Getting the Hell outta America”. And go where? America is the only place that tolerates Umar’s and Farrakhan’s Bull-Shit. There comes a time when The Hyper-Black-Individual must shut the hell up and let reality run and take its course. So-called “Black Owned Banks” represent yet another ploy to pacify Negros. Like I said, “READ THE TEA LEAVES but say nothing… Let it ride. 

Yeah. but the currency belongs to The White Man. It’s contradictory when the Currency belongs to the White Man and Black People are now running the opposite way from the so-calledMLK “Integration” Dr. King supposedly died for. Show me the paperwork between the Federal Reserve and this So-called “BLACK OWN BANK”. If you Negro’s know anything about Black Wall Street (which was a mimic of the White Man’s Wall Street) you would know you Negro’s are going to need Weapons and an Army in order to keep and protect your so-called “BLACK DOLLARS” (something you should have learned by now, by simply studying current events). Moreover, if Black People are going to fully detach from the Caucasian Currency they will have to drop the Dollar as their World Reserve Currency, and create their own, very similar to the way Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad were/are trying to do.

Let us not forget Maxine Waters used her influence to make sure her husband did not lose shares in One United Bank. Negro’s are finicky, first they want integration, then they want segregation (i.e. BLACK ONLY BANKS). Something else BW WATERthat is interesting is how The Founders of the so-called “Buy/Bank Black Movement” only focuses on Black People who are impoverished or of meager means. And they have no takers from the Buppy Class in American (i.e. Oprah, Jordan and Other High Paid Black Individuals/Athletes/Mega Prosperity Religious Organization). In a nutshell, The Buy/Bank Black Movement demonstrates Black People’s limited thought process and the fact that Slave Plantation Residue still remains etched in the Negro’s Mind. Furthermore, It appears you clowns are only targeting people at the lower echelon of society. Why are you NOT shaming: Oprah, Jordan, Black Athletes, Endowments of Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and Mega Black Churches to “BANK BLACK”? FRAUDS!  

Farrakhan, are you sure the so-called Fruit of Islam, Owner, Maker, Cream of the Planet Earth, so-called “GOD of the Universe” is ready to contend with the Asian Man, especially China?

Let’s say the so-called “Black GOD/Man” did survive the wrath of the Asian Man, I do not care how the Nation of Islam likes to lump the Latino in with Black People’s Condition, the so-called “Black GOD/Man will have to contend with an Ass Whooping from the Latino.

I suspect after Farrakhan transitions, a new Soothsayer will emerge with a similar Nation of Islam Doctrine, only the Devil will be new (i.e. China or Latino’s).  By that time, the so-called “Black GOD/Man” will be totally erased from the Planet. The so-called “Black GOD/Man” has only (1) one option: that is to, request transportation on Farrakhan’s so-called “Mother Plane”. But we all know that is a Pipe Dream. MOCKING AND PUN INTENDED!

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