Show me the individual who puts “MUHAMMAD UNIVERSITY” on their resume’. And then take that resume’ to the white man “THE SKUNK” for a job, not strategic. And let’s be real, the Nation of Islam has no living wage jobs for the “Muhammad University Graduates”. Surely, one can never aspire to take Farrakhan’s so-called “Job”? Why, Farrakhan is “DIVINE”, right? Can a Muhammad University Graduate expect and/or aspire to have a Net Worth of $3 Million? These clowns in The Nation of Islam have NO BUSINESS PLAN, NO WEALTH AGENDA, NO PAY FOR WORK, NO SALARY SCHEDULE, NO CORPORATE LADDER/MATRIX… WHAT IS THE NATION OF ISLAM’S PLAN? They may wonder why I tend to F%ck with, or should I say, counter there Bull-Shit Teachings? Well I will qualify my blatant disrespect and denunciation of The Nation of Islam, by simply saying I was once Brainwashed by The Nation of Islam. To the point that I allowed the Nation of Islam to enter my pockets. And I Literally and WholeHeartedly bought into the Emotional and Psychological Concepts, Fairy Tales and Pipe Dreams. Until I had a rude awakening in 1993 by the so-called “Brothers” at Muhammad Mosque #15. These gentlemen did not agree with my line of questioning, so they initiated an altercation with my person as well as threatened to destroy my vehicle. So, if you notice, The Nation of Islam does not stand a chance against my thought process. Occasionally one or two “Citizens/F.O.I.” from The Nation of Islam will engage me in dialog, but they usually fade into obscurity. I no longer get Chills and/or Goosebumps when I hear Farrakhan, and I will say to the individual who experiences Chills and/or Goosebumps, you are probably Brainwashed and on the verge of a Nervous Breakdown. I recommend you protect your Psyche with the utilization of the phrase “FUCK THAT SHIT…PROVE IT”, and force The Nation of Islam to answer the Common Sense questions that arise during Farrakhan’s Lectures. Not to mention the fact that, NO Nation of Islam Citizen can Dispute and/or Refute my critique of The Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam must fall, trust me, if the Nation of Islam represent “KNOWLEDGE” then Ignorance is Bliss. I sooooo wish I had never allowed the Bull-Shit Teachings of The Nation of Islam into my Brain Computer. It was only, and remains garbage in my mind. Notice these clowns refer you to an entity which they call “SATAN”. But never give you an address or phone number to this “SATAN” so you and I can get “SATAN’S” take, on what The Nation of Islam is saying about and/or accusing “SATAN” of. In other words, this Deity (i.e. ALLAH or ORIGINATOR) The Nation of Islam refers you to, needs The Nation of Islam Clowns to speak for it (i.e. ALLAH or ORIGINATOR), it (i.e. ALLAH or ORIGINATOR) cannot speak for itself. Remember, I never claimed that “ISLAM IS MATHEMATICS AND MATHEMATICS IS ISLAM” but The Nation of Islam fails to verify and/or acknowledge the following equation: (ALLAH ≡ SATAN) = [THE HEREAFTER, HEAVEN AND BLISS]. Think about it, the latter equation is all one ever needed to know about the Bull-Shit concept called “Religion”. The concept of “GOD and SATAN” has always been simplistic. Preachers and/or Cult Leaders like Farrakhan have complicated and corrupted the simplicity of “GOD and SATAN” by introducing Bull-Shit “Religion”. Now listen to these Clowns dump all this Bull-Shit on you, and they are so delusional and in denial that they cannot deal with or mention the reality that Farrakhan nor anyone in The Nation of Islam have the power or intention to counter and/or solve the Bull-Shit they are dumping on you.  

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