Charles P Brooks: from the way Trump act. That ass thinks he’s God. So Farrakhan and us know him. That prick needs to help theses people of color. He help the people of is real. They didn’t need it. So people of color can’t get help from the USA. Your answer YES or NO? [I KNOW, VERY POOR GRAMMAR AND WRITING SKILLS. I WONDER IF MR. BROOKS ATTENDED MUHAMMAD’S UNIVERSITY?]

HashimTheDream Well Sir, I am confused. The way you guys are uploading Farrakhan’s past videos and trying to make it seem as though they are current, is very telling. In that, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have been pumping the same old Echo-Chambered do nothing rhetoric for approximately 50 years. Now, it’s clowns like you who boast that your so-called “Deity” will save Black People. Stop blaming Trump, who by the way just entered office. You may be barking up the wrong tree. Hence, Obama put you in the condition you are in currently. The funny part is, Farrakhan and/or the Nation of Islam’s cohorts released a photo showing Farrakhan and Obama Skinnin and Grinnin. Farrakhan is now glamorizing his connection to Bitch Ass Obama. Shit, if Farrakhan’s “Deity” is so “REAL”, tell Farrakhan to give President Trump back his 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status. Oh, and if Farrakhan’s “Deity” is so “REAL” tell Farrakhan to give those Jewish Doctors back that contraptions that allows him to piss and shit in a bag, and walk his ass across America with the Nation of Islam’s 59,999 Books of Mathematical Supreme Wisdom. Funny, you Clowns supposedly have a Lock and/or Monopoly on so-called “SUPREME WISDOM” but you have yet to stop the violence surrounding Mosque Maryam, and you Clowns are asking President Trump to “HELP THESE COLORED PEOPLE”. Something is not adding up?



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