The Space Time Continuum is dictating that a megalomaniac and/or despot should soon appear. However, as vogue and calculating as Preacher’s profess to be, and as close and all knowing the Preacher says his or her “God” is, the record will reflect that neither Preacher’s nor their all seeing “God” had any power to foresee the words that follow.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world”

The Mainstream Caucasian Collective utilizes the Slave Plantation Organizational Structure to maintain order in society. In that, on the plantation there were Overseers, the Overseer made sure that the slave executed his or her plantation routine. In this day and time the Preacher serves as the Overseer. The Preacher’s assignment is similar to that of a hypnotist. In that, in order for the hypnotist to hypnotize an individual he or she must lull the individual to sleep. The Hypnotist will present a shiny object or facade before the individual allowing them to drift in and out of consciousness, very similar to when Dorothy and her friends were captivated by the Wizard of Oz and his smoke and mirror facade. The Preacher utilizes the same technique to grip the hearts and minds of congregants that the Preacher oversees. The Preacher presents to the congregant a concept of a God which congregants can’t see, touch, hear or smell and/or a shiny object (i.e. Caucasian Jesus Christ) which serves as the congregants focal point and lulls the congregant into what is called psychological limbo and/or a twilight state. Once the congregant is in a hypnotic state the Preacher (i.e. Overseer) can garner great influence and control over the congregant, and with a blueprint concocted with superstitions, emotional highs and lows, deep breathing lungs, beating drums, whaling pipe organ, stimulative flags, dancers and talking in tongues. Under this mind bending assault, the congregant does not stand a chance in exercising rational free will. Thus the congregant is relegated to a zombie and/or comatose state. Jim Jones, David Koresh and Charlie Manson represent extreme mind controlling ideologies. In that, Jim Jones had such a powerful brainwashing grip on the minds of his congregants that it led them to commit mass suicide by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Charlie Manson’s brainwashing tactics led his followers to commit murder. David Koreshs’ congregants went militaristic and shot ATF agents. Which megalomaniac and/or despot above will execute the next extreme ideological brainwashing tactics on the planet…The world is waiting.


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