Joe Biden has said he wants to unite the nation behind his leadership. If he is serious about that, he must understand the value of removing any reasonable doubt about whether he was selling American foreign policy to the Chinese and other foreign interests.… It is worth noting that the attempt by the Democrat House to hound President Trump for his tax returns has gone on even though there is no evidence he did anything wrong and even though he has filed every financial disclosure required by law. They’ve basically admitted that it is just a fishing expedition. But the questions about Joe Biden’s and his family’s newly acquired wealth are not simply a fishing expedition. There is ample proof to make the questions well founded and worthy of immediate answers. So the question is — will the Biden-Harris team put this issue behind them and establish that neither Hunter, nor Joe Biden or other family members were using Joe Biden’s high public office to gain millions in political influence peddling with foreign interests including some of America’s most dangerous adversaries. Or alternatively, will Chairman [Richard] Neal [(D-MA)] and the Ways and Means Committee look into this matter with the same vigor that they’ve exhibited for their tax return fishing expedition? If Biden’s team and the House Democrats refuse to come clean, the Senate Republicans must begin to investigate and subpoena banking records. America has a right to know if Joe Biden and his family acquired millions in wealth by using his office improperly and for personal gain.

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