Just like Farrakhan’s grandsons, Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. and Noah Farrakhan, who are Basketball Phenoms who will have to change their names if they intend on going pro. The NBA refuses to hear the name, “Farrakhan” as Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. and Noah Farrakhan run up and down the Basketball Court Plantation playing the “Natural Enemies Sport & Play.

FARRAH GREY 1Some try to say that, Dr. Khalid’s son who was named after Louis Farrakhan is now a “SELL-OUT” simply because he changed his name to FARRAH GRAY. Be that as it may, I would call the name change highly strategic because FARRAH GRAY became a millionaire at the age of 14. However, The hypocrisy of it all is that, Louis Farrakhan and his Believers instruct new members to give up their Time, Money and Talents in service of The Nation of Islam, as well as Their full submission to Do “The Will” of a Spook God known as, “Allah”, while Louis Farrakhan embraces and encourages his Grandson’s to pursue The so-called “DEVIL’s (White Man’s)”, Sport and Play in the National Basketball League. It is believe that Louis Farrakhan has put his Grandson’s, Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. & Noah Farrakhan on The Nation of Islam’s payroll because The NBA will not take a chance on neither of Farrakhan’s Grandsons. To show exactly how backward and Grandiose Farrakhan and his Minions are, They actually think that calling the White Man a so-called “Devil” for approximately 90-years that their so-called “Natural Enemy” would allow the name “Farrakhan” to live on in the annals of time. This demonstrates Farrakhan’s lack of situational awareness & anticipatory skills. STIGMATA FARRAKHAN





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