It is 2021 and these clowns are still stuck in the 60’s… Let it go, move on and face reality: Your daddy Farrakhan has no command and control over his so-called “Mother Wheel”… The NOI’s World will end before my world ends. Is NOT Officer Mustapha Farrakhan Mr. COINTELPRO HIMSELF? Your so-called “GOD” can’t bust a Rotten Grape. Farrakhan “HONEST?” Then give me back my money for that Pipe Dream called “Salaams Pavilion?” Funny, Farrakhan hates High IQ Jews, but will not detach from the contraptions they gave him to allow him to shit and piss in bags. We find it very interesting how silent Farrakhan and his Low IQ minions are on the Biden Administration… Funny right? Makes you wonder how much control The Demon-rat Plantation Owners have over the Nation of Islam?

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