It must be extremely embarrassing to proclaim to the world that your Humanoid Species is the FIRST, WITH NO BIRTH RECORD… Yet a so-called “JOHNNY COME LATELY CAUCASOID” conquers and subdues the so-called “ORIGINAL ASIATIC BLACK MEN and HIS PLANET” in a mere 2000-year blink of an eye!!! Farrakhan and his so-called “Star Scholars (i.e., Wesley, Nuri, Ishmael, Ava, Abel and Carlos)” all postulate that the “ASIATIC BLACK MAN HAS BEEN ON THIS PLANET FOR 76-TRILLION YEARS” and at the same time Farrakhan and his minions refuse to acknowledge the embarrassing fact that their so-called “Planet Earth” was taken over be a “Johnny Come Lately Caucasoid” in a BLIP OF 2000-YEARS… Something is just not adding up!

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