Brother Brad X

No, He was born of a White mother and a Black father to bring justice to both Black and White. Both the Bible and Holy Quran bear witness of God coming in the person of a man. This is who we represent in The Nation of Islam. Allah (God) in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.


Yes Sir, I am what The Nation of Islam calls a “HALF ORIGINAL / HALF DEVIL”. And I have no alegience to either Black or White… I tried to have a relationship w/ Black Women and even went as militant as Malcolm X… All because I was never Black Enough. I also had a rude awakening w/ The Blue Black Brothah’s at Muhammad’s Mosque #15. And I realized that Deep Down inside Gentlemen with your hue (i.e., Blue Black) Hate My, Wesley’s, Nuri’s, Abel’s, Mustapha Sr’s, Joshua’s, Noah’s, Elijah’s, Mustapha Jr’s, Ishmael’s and Farrakhan’s GUTS! Sure! Blame it on The Willie Lynch Doctrine or whatever. But think about it, the Blue Black Brothah’s in the Nation of Islam are way more “ASIATIC & ORIGINAL” than Milquetoast Ishmael Muhammad but it is Ishmael Muhammad who is the one at the top of The Nation of Islam’ FOOD CHAIN. Mark these words, all those High Yellow Redbone Light Bright Damn Near White Negros in the Nation of Islam will runaway with all the loot when Daddy Farrakhan Transitions! TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!!!

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