Do not sleep people, Jada is with Will for his money and social status. Will is starting to lose his social status. Jada will soon Divorce Rape Will Smith… And Will Smith will go the way of Robin Williams. Will Smith needs to be 5150’ed / Admitted to a Mental Health Facility and placed on Suicide Watch. Fascinatingly, the Grandiose Extremes Will Smith will go to in order to gain favor from Jada… Will is approaching severe RED-PILL-RAGE that has the potential to be catastrophic for Will Smith. Funny, one cannot find Dr. Phil and/or Dr. Drew for a Psychological Synopsis on Will Smith’s Psychotic Behaviours. This may be harsh but the Planet is about due for a Retuallistic Death of a high profile Black Man. One Very similar to the Ritualistic Death’s of Michael Jackson and/or Kobe Bryant. Think about it, the world overrode the so-called “Ukraine Plight” with the slap heard around the world… You may not like it but, Will Smith (The Synthetic Negro), will be the sacrificial Beta-Simp-Cuck that will bring in Joe Biden’ and George Soros’ new world order.


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