We will have to whip that ass in a few more days… Gen Z has never felt the sting of the lash… But fret not, soon these Woke Clowns will be focused on Joe’s food shortage, and will not be able to drive to these events when Joe’s gas prices increase. These Woke Clowns will have an extreme rude awakening once Brandon’s recession takes full effect… Study these Woke Clowns well, they are all malnourished and depressed. It is suspected that most of them self-medicate and/or ingest pyshotropics, which they will not be able to access when China stops importing these pills to America!!! They do not know how to sustain their hate or their snowflake, marshmellow, powder puffed privilaged lifestyle… Oh, clueless, weak & patheticly Woke Sorry Sacks of George Soros’ Shit!

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