GEN X & Z needs a serious spanking (BRING ON THE FAMENE & PESTILENCE GLOBAL JOE... BEHOLD: THE OPERATIONAL GOLDEN RULE IS NOW: "ATTRITION AND ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE). Be advised Gen X & Z, Joe Biden's Globalest Policies will prove to be your Well Deserved Waterloo. GEN X & Z are the weakest Generation's... Continue Reading →

We will have to whip that ass in a few more days... Gen Z has never felt the sting of the lash... But fret not, soon these Woke Clowns will be focused on Joe's food shortage, and will not be able to drive to these events when Joe's gas prices increase. These Woke Clowns will... Continue Reading → Spot on Joker, Denny's used to provide quality food and service approximately 20-years ago... But today, the quality of food and service is terrible... Denny's and other service oriented establishments do not have the improve their products or services all because GEN Z and some millennials have never been exposed to quality service and/or... Continue Reading →

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