And the F.O.I. (Flunkies of Islam) cannot do a Goddamn thing about anything Weak Ass Wes talks about! Farrakhan traveled the Globe as a so-called “Head of State,” and he can’t even establish a distribution network and/or alternative to bringing in quality food for these so-called “BLACK ZIPCODES”? When will Black People stop allowing The Nation of Islam to keep them in perpetual victimhood status? Yo Wes, are you saying that the “Divine One” breathes poison air on the southside of Chi-raq? Oh no! Where is the Mother Wheel when you need it? Hey Angelica Watters, stop with the softball questions!!! Wes is supposed to be “GODS” right hand man, and should be highly equipped to answer, “The Secret Relationship between Black people and MS-13”? How about asking, why DID NOT “Mr. Pro-Black Wesley Muhammad” marry a female as dark as you Ms. Watters? Your follow up should be: By You, Wesley Muhammad, marrying a female as High-Yellow as you, are you not perpetuating the YAKUB Agenda?

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