So “GOD” enters reality alone, then “GOD’S” creation which is made in “GOD’S” Image can’t be like “GOD” and be alone? This is nothing more than just GUILTING and SHAMING men in the name of “GOD”… Note: in the video above “GOD” refers to the “woman” as “Helper” not Feminist… LOL! Tell you what Bible Thumpers, when your Spook “GOD” shows up with his Wife or Domestic Partner and lives under the same Family Court Laws as all men live under. And “God” takes his Divorce Rape on the chin, I will be the first to marry a female without a prenuptial agreement. You Bible Thumping Clowns make your Deity look just as stupid as men who get married and co-habitate in the 21st Century!!! Where was “GOD” during and for men when they were being Divorce Raped?

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