They say this stupid shit is “based on a true story” but they can’t explain how African’s wound up in America and/or The Peculiar Institution. Damn! THEY CHOSE THE UGLIEST AND MOST MASCULINE BLACK FEMALES ON THE PLANET. Not a good look for the Black Woman. Especially, when Black Women in 2022 are absent in femininity. The trailer alone offers too much ugly to sit through, let alone having to sit through 1.4 hours of nothing but wreched miserable uglyness. Just another stupid ass WAKANDA movie that will do nothing but make Low IQ Black People flex in the streets against Law & Order. Oh Nooo, we can’t criticise Viola Davis… F%ck that Ugly Ass Treacherous Black Bitch!

And they call this shit, “EMPOWERING”. Funny, in the year 2022, a time when Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease are erasing Black Women from the face of the earth, Hollywood continue to reach back in time and feed Low IQ Black People delusions of grandeur. Prepare for more George Floyd’s crying out for Big Mamma because Viola Davis pumped them up to flex against Law and Order… Funny, Hollywood will not make a movie about Black People in America going back to a “Utopic” Africa… Why Hollywood? This is why…

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