Take a man like Mr.  Bill Gates, who has the financial capability, you would think, to do whatever he wants, with whomever he wants, whenever he wants, wherever he wants. Yet, Mr. Gates requires a conduit or security barrier between some societal elements, thus granting Mr. Gates the illusion of being “Free”, when reality suggests that Mr. Gates simply dwells in a transportable virtual box or bubble.

Now take a man like the Leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister Lewis Farrakhan, who is known for his lavishly boastful rants about him being a “Free Black Man” unlike any Black Man on the planet earth. Yet, if one were to tweak or eliminate some of Minister Farrakhan’s donors, Minister Farrakhan would have to recalculate or adjust his rhetoric concerning his concept of “Freedom”.

Take a look at Joe the Hobo, who lives on skid row, Joe may tell you; correction,  the voices in Joe’s head may tell you, that Joe is experiencing ultimate “Freedom”, yet at the same time Joe may be shackled and/or relegated to medicating himself with drugs and alcohol. Not to mention Joe’s inadequate financial condition, which confines Joe to noticeable restriction and/or limitations, and therefore, makes Joe’s concept of “Freedom” a fantastic hallucination that only Joe can comprehend, or in comparison to Bill Gates’ world, Joe hallucinates about doing whatever Joe wants, with whomever Joe wants, whenever Joe wants, wherever Joe wants.

Now take a look at a man like former Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who some would say has experienced or transitioned into a realm of uncompromising and absolute “Freedom” by way of exiting the physical confines of his body, by force of course. Yet, this state of blissful “Freedom” cannot be quantified or qualified by any measuring tools in the realm from which these words are being written. Therefore, rendering Muammar Gaddafi’s concept of “Freedom” moot.

“FREEDOM”, what is it? And can it be fully obtained and/or realized? However one defines the concept known as “Freedom” one must conclude that Freedom, like Beauty, is in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER AND/OR THE EYES OF THE SCIENTIST WHO INITIATED THE EXPERIMENT.

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