Let’s get one thing straight this Reptilian-Apex-Predator/Parasite who goes by the name of Billy (The Snake) Gates does not spend Billions of Dollars trying to re-invent the common toilet without an ulterior motive and/or hidden Reptilian-Agenda. Now let’s go after this Reptilian Billy (The Snake) Gates, and the Money Motivation behind his new Shit-Containment-Contraption and/or... Continue Reading →

FARRAKHAN'S FRUIT OF ISLAM: THE DAY THE SO-CALLED “ORIGINAL ASIATIC BLACK MAN” ENGAGED IN DIALOGUE WITH A SO-CALLED “HALF-ORIGINAL" STUDY WELL…  ShabazzAllah1 and James Muhammad, two self-proclaimed so-called "Original Asiatic Black Men" posed the following question: "Was it silly when the white man came to North America and built an independent nation from a few... Continue Reading →

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