Let’s get one thing straight this Reptilian-Apex-Predator/Parasite who goes by the name of Billy (The Snake) Gates does not spend Billions of Dollars trying to re-invent the common toilet without an ulterior motive and/or hidden Reptilian-Agenda. Now let’s go after this Reptilian Billy (The Snake) Gates, and the Money Motivation behind his new Shit-Containment-Contraption and/or Toilet-Technology-Initiative.  One must over and/or understand the mind of a Reptilian-Apex-Predator/Parasite, like Billy (The Snake) Gates. You see, Bill (The Snake) Gates knows that the Vaccines and Genetically Modified Foods he and his Reptilian-Cronies at Monsanto are “benevolently” injecting and/or shoving down the throats of Non-Reptilian-Humanoid in so-called “3rd World Nations” are not only designed to alter the Psycho-Genetic-Nomenclature of Non-Reptilian-Humanoids, but these Chemically Induced and/or Synthetic-Products are being synthesized into Bio-Hazardous-Waste and/or Synthetic-Toxins as they pass through the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid’s digestive system.

Moreover, this Bio-Hazardous-Waste and/or Synthetic-Toxins are finding their way back into the Planetary Ecosystem byway of Human Excretion and/or urine, which is disrupting and disturber the Planets Natural Bio-Decomposition Process. Furthermore, the Bio-Hazardous-Waste and/or Synthetic-Toxins that are excreted back to the Planet is causing disharmony within the Planets Vibratory Frequencies, and therefore, causing disruptions and/or disturbances in the Bio-Genetically-Molecular-Data-Transmissions between the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid and the Planets Ecological Homeostasis and/or Balance. So, if Billy (The Snake) Gates and the rest of his Reptilian-Apex-Predator-Cronies are going to maintain their present supremacy and/or dominion over this Planets Non-Reptilian-Humanoid-Population, they must work to scientifically de-couple and/or disconnect the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid from this Planets Ecological-Frequency-Vibration. Hence, the video below demonstrates how U.S. Soldiers burn Feces and/or Shit while invading and/or occupying a Sovereign Nation:

QUESTION: Why does the Reptilian-Apex-Predator/Parasite burn his Feces and/or Shit, as opposed to burying the Feces and/or Shit in the soil and allowing the Natural Process of Bio-Decomposition to occur while he invades and occupies a Sovereign Nation?

ANSWER: The Reptilian-Apex-Predator burns his Feces and/or Shit, as opposed to burying the Feces and/or Shit in soil and allowing the Natural Process of Bio-Decomposition to occur while he invades and occupies a Sovereign Nation, simply because there is Bio Genetically Molecular Data within the Feces and/or Shit that would not only allow the Universal Laws of Pantheism a lock on to the Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s position, but it would also transmit Chemical, Hormonal, Biological and Brain Frequency Data that would allow the Universal Laws of Pantheism to zero in on and target those U.S. Soldiers on the verge of Psychosis and/or Insanity, like in the cases of U.S. Soldiers having lapses in their Detail Orientation and/or Losing their Military Bearing when they Desecrated, Trashed and/or Burned a book called “Qur’an”, and Robert Bales who became so Psychologically Distraught that he slaughtered and shot innocent men, women and children in the head at point-blank range and then set their bodies on fire.

Hence, burning shit is very similar to physically destroying a Hard-Drive so no one can access the Data on the Hard-Drive. Furthermore, the dumb soldier who burns the feces and/or shit are just following orders, but the Smart Reptilians within the Higher-Echelons of the U.S. Military are well aware of the Bio Genetically Molecular Data housed and/or stored within the feces and/or shit, as well as how that Data is Transmitted via the following Natural-Data-Transmission-Processes:

Be that as it may, one should not sleep on Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Buddies at Monsanto. In that, these Reptilians want to Isolate, Contain, Control and Manipulate the Bio Genetically Molecular Data housed within the Defecation and/or Shit of Non-Reptilian-Humanoids. Think about it, the so-called “Native Americans” were defecating and/or shitting in the woods for eons prior to the invasions by Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s. And the land and/or soil on which the so-called “Native American” dwelled, was nutrient rich and flourishing with harmonious and/or pristine vegetation and life. However, now that the Reptilian-Invaders have exterminated the so-called “Native Americans” and have occupied the so-called “Native America’s” land for approximately 500 years, and like parasitic leeches sticking its fangs into its host, the Reptilian-Apex-Predator and/or Parasite has penetrated the so-called “North American Infrastructure” with the fangs of his Plumbing Systems and/or Shit-Containment-Contraptions (i.e. Toilets, Commodes, Septic Tanks, Lead, Copper and Chemically Induced PVC Pipes.) All done for the sole purpose of disrupting and/or manipulating the Natural Bio Genetically Molecular Data Transmissions between the Planet’s Ecosystem and the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid.

So, Mr. Billy (The Snake) Gates, who I might add is one of the best minds amongst the Reptilian-Elites, who is on a mission to create a Toilet, Commode and/or Shit-Containment-Contraption that will capture, contain, harness, control and manipulate the Bio Genetically Molecular Data housed within the excrement and/or urine of Non-Reptilian-Humanoids. Hence, one does not have to look far back into History to notice the Environmental and/or Planetary Disintegration that has occurred since the Reptilian-Apex-Predator/Parasite emerged. Be advised, the sooner Non-BILL GATES MUG SHOTReptilian-Humanoids realize that Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s like Billy (The Snake) Gates do not have their best interest at heart, the sooner Non-Reptilian-Humanoids will be able to see right through Reptilians like Billy (The Snake) Gates and his humanitarian facade and/or scam. Moreover, Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Reptilian-Scientific-Buddies have a Hidden-Reptilian-Agenda, and the primary objective of that Hidden-Reptilian-Agenda is to exterminate and/or euthanize Non-Reptilian-Humanoids on a massive scale, with the least amount of disruptions and/or disturbances to the Bio-Feedback and/or Ecological Frequency Vibrations between the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid and the Universal Laws of Pantheism that govern this Planet, or at least until the Reptilian determines that Mars is safe enough to Invade (i.e. Curiosity Mars Rover.) One must understand that, Billy (The Snake) Gates is not an ordinary Reptilian, he is a serious analytically, diabolically inclined thinker and strategic planner. Furthermore, Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Reptilian Buddies at Monsanto have created Genetically Modified and/or Synthetic Food Products in order to force the Planet’s Non-Reptilian-Population into submission and into being totally reliant on the Genetically Modified and/or Synthetic-Foods created by Monsanto. Hence, Billy (The Snake) Gates knows that water is a Data Storing Memory Molecule which reads and stores Bio Molecular Information and/or Data from everything it comes in contact with. In that, Water  stores and processes the Bio-Molecular-Frequency-Data housed within the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid excrement and/or urine. Furthermore, Billy (The Snake) Gates knows that water serves as the best example when describing the First Law of Thermodynamics which say’s, “Matter is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form”. Hence, the Law of Thermodynamics is scientific information that so-called “Benevolent Philanthropists” like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation do not want to teach Non-Reptilian-Humanoids in the inner city. Instead Billy (The Snake) Gates intends to utilize the Laws of Thermodynamics to contain and control Non-Reptilian-Humanoid’s in the inner city. Hence, the video below will give The Reader an idea as to why Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Reptilian-Scientists want to eliminate water from the waste management equation:

Don’t be misled by the benevolent inquisitiveness of these Reptilians, they want total control over the Non-Reptilian-Humanoids connection to this Planet.

Be advised, these Scientists do not want to capture, contain and harness Human Waste for benevolent scientific studies, instead these Reptilians want to capture, contain and harness the Non-Reptilian-Humanoids Waste in order to manipulate the Laws of Pantheism. Moreover, Reptilians like Billy (The Snake) Gates have reached their Apex-Predatory-Elite-Status in society by knowing and understanding how to study, detect and recognize patterns. In that, Billy (The Snake) Gates would have to be as dumb as Kobe Bryant to not know that there are noticeable connective patterns between the Planet’s Climate and the emotional, psychological and/or bio-feedback equilibrium within the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid. Furthermore, Billy (The Snake) Gates knows the destructive and Anti-Non-Reptilian-Humanoid patterns created by his Reptilian-Species over the span of the last 6000 years which has caused and/or created the current disharmony and/or disorder on this Planet. Moreover, Billy (The Snake) Gates also knows that he and his Reptilian-Buddies at the Pentagon cannot create a Penis-Projectile and/or Nuclear Bomb big enough that will stop severe weather patterns and/or the Laws of Pantheism which represent the Planet’s way of preemptively defending against the Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s Synthetic-Machinations and/or Technologically Destruction Contraptions. Therefore, Billy (The Snake) Gates must manipulate and/or drive a wedge between the Natural Processes known as Bio-Decomposition in order to stave off the Universal Laws of Pantheism and/or Divine-Retribution. And this is why we see Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s like Billy (The Snake) Gates frantically trying to create a Decomposition-Contraption that will basically place the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid in-side of a virtual box. In that, everything the Non-Reptilian-Humanoid consumes and excretes will be produced, captured, contained, monitored, controlled and studied by Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Reptilian-Scientific-Cronies. The video below shows the Reptilian-Apex-Predator (George Lucas) revealing exactly what he knows about the Laws of Pantheism and the Power that exists in the Known Regions of the Universe:

Hence, the video above is one of the reasons the Reptilian-Apex-Predator is extremely careful and/or methodically cautious when it comes to exterminating and/or euthanizing Non-Reptilian-Humanoids on a massive scale. In that, before Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Reptilian-Cronies can initiate a plan to Massively Exterminate and/or Euthanize Non-Reptilian-Humanoids from the face of the Earth, they must justify their Homicidal Pre-Disposition and/or Pre-Meditation by scientifically tricking and/or manipulating the Bio Chemical Compounds and/or Bio-Feedback Frequency Vibrational-Data that is transmitted between the Planet and the Waste-Excrement and/or Urine from Non-Reptilian-Humanoids.


In the trial of Billy (The Snake) Gates and the Reptilian-Apex-Predator-Species, the Universal Law of Pantheism has issued the following verdict: Billy (The Snake) Gates and the Reptilian-Apex-Predator-Species are GUILTY of 999 Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Bio Chemical Synthetic Pre Meditative Homicide upon the Planet’s Ecosystem, and its indigenous inhabitants. Therefore, on behalf of the Universal Laws of Pantheism, by the Power invested in Triple-Darkness, Billy (The Snake) Gates and the Reptilian-Apex-Predator-Species are hereby condemned to Death by Perpetual-Lethal-Natural-Disasters a sentence which is to be carried out consecutively until the Reptilian-Apex-Predator and/or Mind-Set is totally deleted and/or non-existent in the known regions of the Universe. IT IS SO ORDERED//

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