Mr. Milquetoast Ishmael Muhammad talks a lot about irrelevant shit. Mr. Milquetoast attempt to guilt and shame critics who point out the hypocrasy and the Nation of Islam’s 90-years of fecklessness amongst the Black Community. Mr. Milquetost Ishmael Muhammad and his minions can’t debate nor defend against the criticism’s about the Ineptness of The Nation of Islam, so instead, they point to a spook god that appears to be, in Ishmael’s words: “ON THE VERGE OF DESTROYING THOSE WHO QUESTION THE TEACHINGS OF THE NATION OF ISLAM”. But what’s interesting is that, The Nation of Islam minion’s treats topics surrounding “MADEA” and The Lack of High Yellow RedBone representation in “Black Panther I and II – Wakanda Forever” as nomal and healthy for the Black Psychy.

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