YO YE, you are noooo TOP-G, ANDREW TATE… Ye is just a PRETENTIOUS, OVERLY EMOTIONAL, BETA-SIMP AND SELF-PROCLAIMED VICTIM. Who’s kicking himself for choosing a Hoe (i.e., Kim Kardashian) as a wife. Who by the way, has a Contractual Kung Fu Grip on Kanye’s testicles. One has to wonder exacly how mush of a “GENIUS” Kanye can be when the entire world know his wife’s Body Count. Kenye was/is truely a $2-BILLION Sucker. Kim Kardashian sized Kanye’s Dumb ASS up, Dropped 4 to 5 Babies with the last name “West” on the birth Certificates then tolerated Kanye West for over (10) ten years to solidify a Long Term Marraige in order to lock her talons into Kanye’s $2-BILLION Estate. That alone does not spell “GENIUS”, it spells DUMBASS Kanye West. Which begs the question: Why is Ye speaking and disrespecting Hig IQ Jews? Especially when his self-proclaimed “GENIUSNESS” should know by now that his ex-wife can walk a recording of his words into the Family Court and prove to the Judge that Kanye is not stable enough to be around his children. Really, how dumb, oops I mean how “GENIUS” can Kanye be? SHUT THE HELL UP YE, and take your PRN as prescribed! This YE CLOWN, says he “REFUSES” to follow the “PROGRAMMING” of this Spooky “THEY”, yet he intrusively imposes that same old echochamber “JESUS SAVES” BULL-SHIT on his listeners. Face the actual facts, Kanye cannot provide us with an address to neither of his imaginary and/or spook’s known as “GOD and/or THEY”. And as far as Kanye’s beef with High IQ Jews, to whixh, Kanye is barking up the wrong tree. What Kanye is really angry with is the fact that The Family Court will soon deam Kanye unstable, Kim will then become his conservator and assume full management over Kanye’s $2-BILLION Estate. Kanye will be relagated to a rubber room and frequent booty juice jabs while Kenye’s fan’s will attempt a Free Britney Protest for Kanye. The best thing Kanye can do now is fade into obscurity as a Yoda.

Funny, Kanye is such a “Genius”, yet he never concieved the thought that this “THEY” he speaks of, is allowing Mr. Ye a platform right after Mr. Andrew Tate became to most Googled man on the planet. That fact alone demonstrates Kanye’s poor appreciation and dismal comprehension of the Willie Lynch Lesson’s taught to Kenye by his Daddy, Farrakhan.

The fact of the matter is that, Kanye sounds contrived. In that, Kanye is either a poor orator or he is reading from a script provided to him by his Spook’s known as: “GOD and/or THEY”. YO YE, real TOP-G’s do not bow to any “Entity and/or Deity”, especially “Entities and/or Deities” that never show up to speak for themselves. YE, you will never be ready, and you like the Nation of Islam need to take your $$$-BILLIONS and simply fade into obscurity… “Maslow”, MY ASS!!! YO YE, leave Maslow out of this, and explain Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Pyramid Scheme?

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