“Professor” James Small and Nuri, claim to be a 76-TRILLION Year Old Humanoid on this planet, yet The Original Asiatic Black Man was conquered in just 2000-years, Embarrassing Right? Just based on Empirical Observations, some force in the Universe did not authorize The Original Asiatic Black Man the ability or mental capacity to think on the level of High IQ Jews… When will The Original Asiatic Black Man stop being a Victim?  The Empirical Data suggests that Black People need Continuous Supervision by High IQ Jews and/or White People. And if you disagree, please observe The Savagery currently being executed on the Southside of Chi-Raq by Black Youths… “Professor” James Small and Nuri, consider themselves to be Black Elders? Yet they have no influence over the Black Savage Youths who force Elders like themselves to remain locked in their homes… And that fact, proves that they need the heavy hand of the White Man because without the White Man their uncontrollable Black Youths will go stark raving mad as we are witnessing in the inner cities today. Listen to the tough talk from the so-called “Professor” about withholding black funds from “White Businesses”. Funny, how the so-called “Professor” has no tough talk about Black Lives Matter who blatantly Robbed Black People Blind. Looks like the Black Ancestors were M.I.A. when it came to Black Lives Matter. In the illustrious words of your Daddy, Farrakhan… TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!

Nuri said “THE Nation of Islam WAS IN POSSESSION OF 59,999 BOOKS OF SUPREME MATHIMATICAL WISDOM”… Yet Nuri and his NOI minions have no Cleanrooms where they are producing “GOD” like Computer Chips… They have no “GOD / SUPREME” like rockets that will beat Mr. Elon Musk to Mars… They still pray in the same manner they did 2000-years ago, when their so-called “Natural Enemy” is transmitting radio wave into outer space. Funny, The Nation of Islam loves to tout Michael Jackson’s coming home to so-called “Blackness”, but will not ponder why Michael Jackson did not impregnate a Black Female and Leave a Black Child on the planet that was as Black as Michael Jackson was when he was a Little Black Boy… Nuri is an opportunist… TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!

Face the Actual facts, so-called “Black Elder’s allowed MADEA to slip through the Cracks of Black Psychology. And it appears that these “Black Elder’s” are too scared to criticize Tylar Perry and his MADEA Concoction… Hell MADEA is so entrenched into so-called “Black Culture” that their is a generation of Black Boy’s who will fight tooth & nail with anyone who tells them that MADEA is a man! GET THE F%CK OUT OF HERE!… Nuri, like Farrakhan are mad because they can’t exploit Black Talent like High IQ Jews can.

These are Negro’s living High on the Hog amongst their White Oppressors

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