This may be the only way for a fetus NOT to be aborted by Savage Pro-Choice Baby Killers…. Yes, the un-born child now has a living chance. Tell the Pro-CHOICE BABY KILLERS that they are killing Trans-Babies and/or Trans-Life in the womb. You’re look at this all wrong, Ms. Candace Owens. THIS IS GREAT FOR THE UN-BORN CHILD! PRO-LIFER’S SHOULD RUN THIS ARGUMENT STRAIGHT TO THE SUPREME COURT… IT WILL END ABORTION FOR GOOD… IT’S ABOUT TIME THESE TRANS ACTIVIST MADE A CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY. Ms. Owens, that Un-BORN Baby would rather be a ward of the state than a stim cell or washed down the drain… Let’s see those Baby Killer’s tell the Trans Community how much they love killing Un-Born Trans-Babies… CAN OF WORMS, ANYONE?


Imagine, Pro-Choice Baby Killer’s defending their Blood Lust for killing Un-Born Trans-Babies going up against an Army of RuPaul’s…. You can’t make this shit up…

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