Never forget, We, Caucasian’s were authorized and ordained to conquer and subdue the Black Man by some Force in the Universe, so run your guilt trip to that Force in the Universe that set all this shit in motion… F%ck you, Uncle [Tom] Phil and your African Diaspora News Channel. We, Caucasian’s stand-fast to run this gauntlet as you see fit, Mr. Asiatic Black Man… So what’s your objective? Is your objective to create a bunch of agree froggish Black People with the hopes of them leaping towards an all out race war? Your Daddy Farrakhan say’s the black man marched White People across the burning sands to the caves and hills of Europe. According to your Daddy Farrakhan you, the Original Asiatic Black Man, are the father of everything the exists in the known Regions of the Universe… So I ask you again Phil, what’s your objective? You’ll get no White Guilt over here… If we’re guilty come and indict us… And if we owe a “Debt” to you, come and collect, Mothah-F%ckah!!!

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