This Bitch Cornel West must have said “LOVE” at least 99 Billion Times while he disagreed with our President. Punk Bitch must get paid based on the number of times he combines “White Brothers and Sister with the Bull-Shit word “LOVE”. Who pays this Bitch? Yes, follow Cornel’s check and you will know exactly way he interjects the noticeably contrived word “LOVE” in every interview he participates in. I am what The Nation of Islam would refer to as a “Half-Original”, meaning that my genetic nomenclature can be traced back to a Caucasoid Female and a Negroid Male. Furthermore, I can qualify my knowledge, wisdom and understanding of this topic byway of personal encounters with both the Caucasoid and Negroid Races for the last 43 years. In that, I can testify to the racial tensions between the Caucasoid and the Negroid Races. Hence, I remember being called a “Little Nigger Bastard” by my Caucasoid Grandmother, and being called “My Niggah and/or Nigger” by so-called African-American Males in the streets and at Morehouse College the so-called Ivy League of Black Colleges. These mental markers have brought me to the realization that, I am too dark-skinned and/or non-conforming to be fully accepted amongst the Caucasoid Race, and too light-skinned and/or intelligent to be fully accepted amongst the Negroid Race.

Cornel West1

Now we segue to Dr. Cornel West’s unintelligent and irresponsible “Love Everybody” approach and/or salutations when he speaks on the topic of Revolution. You see, one should be highly skeptical, keenly apprehensive and extremely hesitant when so-called academically and historically grounded Negro’s like Dr. Cornel West repetitively beat a drum of “Love Everybody”. In that, when I hear a Black Man like Dr. Cornel West end every statement about “Revolution” with the word “Love”, my mind goes into tactical mode causing me to strap on my weapon and begin to secure the parameter. However, once the paranoia subsides, I begin to ponder, why is the word “Love” conveniently strung throughout Dr. West’s “Revolutionary” rhetoric? So I start contemplating and wondering, who signs Dr. West’s paycheck? Who benefits when Black People “Love Everybody”? How many Caucasoid-Philanthropist’s donate and/or support Dr. Cornel West? Is there a correlation between the number of times Dr. Cornel West uses the word “Love” and the amount of money given by Caucasoid-Philanthropists who donate and/or support Dr. Cornel West? Think about it, Dr. Cornel West was showcased in the movie “Matrix” as one of the elders of Zion. Now one must understand that, no-one, particularly, a Black Man is put on a Major Hollywood Blockbuster like “The Matrix” unless that person has been vetted, molded, shaped and proven to be a stalwart mouthpiece for the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Agenda and/or the White Supremacy Agenda. Think about it, even the top Caucasoid-Evangelicals do not teach their Caucasoid followers to “Love Everybody”, and they definitely do not dare teach their Caucasoid followers to “Love All Non-Caucasoid Humanoids”. Hell, if they did, then why doesn’t America turn the other cheek and offer that good old “Christian Brotherly Love” to Al-Qaeda, ISIS and/or Black Men who look like Trayvon Martin. Hence, the closest this Planet has ever gotten to see Caucasoids profess their “Love” for “Non-Caucasoid Humanoids” was when Barbara Bush held up a sign that read, “We Love Black People”. Of course, this was after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster in Louisiana and Bitch Ass Kanye West told the world that, “George W. Bush hates Black People”.

So, one should be extremely skeptical and cautious when Negro’s like Dr. Cornel West tell you and I to “Love Everybody”, especially after examining the historical killing data and/or homicidal patterns and/or trends carried out by Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predators towards “Non-Caucasoid Humanoids”, particularly, towards the Black Male. Therefore, if you ever get close enough to this Bitch Cornel West, slap the dog piss out of his ass for using Revolution and love in the same sentence.

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