Fathers and/or U.S. Soldiers all across America who are victims of the shiftlessness and impotent jurisprudence by the Department of Justice can rightfully “Gloat” over Attorney General Eric Holder being criminally charged with contempt.

Hence, SGT. Hashim Bomani said, “I am extremely happy with the resolution charging AG Eric Holder with criminal contempt because for the past (6) six years I have requested the intervention of Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in matters WILSON vs. BOMANI. In that, I have sent Eric Holder conclusive evidence showing collusion, fraud and irregularities on the part of the Los Angeles County Probation Department and the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department. Hence, Eric Holder is in possession of direct evidence which show beyond a shadow of a doubt that, Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson used her position and influence as a Sworn Peace Officer to manipulate Judicial Outcome, and colluded with Lead Attorney Fesia A. Davenport in order to place a fraudulent child support obligation upon my person”.

The following Congressional Representatives [REP. BOBBY SCOTT, REP. JIM MCGOVERN, REP. JUDY CHU, REP. DONNA EDWARDS, REP. ADAM SCHIFF, REP. HANK JOHNSON, REP. CHAKA FATTAH, REP. JACKIE SPEIER, REP. NANCY PELOSI, REP. JOHN DINGELL, REP. BARBARA MIKULSKI, REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, DEL. ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON, REP. SILVESTRE REYES] ought to be a shamed of themselves. In that, during Congressional Over-sight Hearings each of these “Crime Lords” uttered a slew of stone walling soliloquies as they desperately attempted to  defend Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal involvement in the DOJ’s Gun “Running” Operation known as, Fast and Furious.

Kudos and thank the Universe for Congressional Leaders like Darrell Issa and his Republican Colleagues who had the courage and testicular fortitude to charge Eric Holder with criminal contempt because if it were not for these Republican Leaders taking charge of their posts, and upholding the Laws of the Constitution, the following Democratic Crime Lords would have swept Eric Holder’s transgressions under the rug. The fact that, Attorney General Eric Holder blatantly lied and mislead members of Congress, and was directly responsible for the death of Agent Brian Terry as well as the slaughter of over 200 Mexican Nationals is treasonous, and therefore, Eric Holder, along with those who tried to cover-up his treason, should be put to Death by lethal injection.

So take a good look at the Democratic Crime Lords who conveniently and deceptively say, “We believe in Justice and the American Constitution”. To the contrary, each one of these, Democratic Criminal Coward’s are nothing more than “LOW DOWN DIRTY, SCUM BAG, and SO-CALLED POLITICAL LEADER’S”.


Dr. Steven J. Golightly: Los Angeles County Annual Report 2011 from Los Angeles County Annual Report on Vimeo.


Why did Steven J. Golightly fail to mention the following case in his report?

 Probation Chief Jerry E. Powers has clear and convincing evidence that Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson has committed the following crimes: Disorderly Conduct/Failure to Follow a Lawful Order [California Penal Code 166(a)(4)], Kidnapping [California Penal Code 207], Conspiracy to Defraud [California Penal Code 182], Child Endangerment [California Penal Code 273(a)], Child Abuse [California Penal Code – Sections 11164-11174.3] Breach of Contract [California Civil Code – Sections 3300-3322.]

Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilsonhas truly disgraced The Los Angeles County Probation Department. In that, she has blatantly and intentionally violating Lawful Court Orders and Probation Chief Jerry E. Powers looks the other way. Therefore, the Publics smells more of the same, in that…

  • On September 4, 2011 Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson blatantly and intentionally violated and/or disobeyed Court Visitation Order (SEE DOWNEY POLICE REPORT DATED SEPTEMBER 4, 2011)

  • Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson and DPOII Carmaine McNeel engaged in extortion, and left coercive messages on Restrained Person cell phone in an attempt to entice and/or coerce Restrained Person into criminally violating the “Bogus” Restraining Order against his person (SEE EVIDENCE)

  • On June 17, 2010 Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilsonsent a derogatory and harassing letter to United States Soldier in which she maliciously maligns and defames the Soldier’s character. Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson ends the letter with harsh and inconsiderate words like “Chelsea (The Soldier’s 4 year old daughter) does not even know you”. NOTE: How can the Los Angeles County Probation Department employ such cruel and insensitive human beings like Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson(SEE EVIDENCE)

  • On June 1, 2008 Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson violated Court Visitation Orders and refused to allow United States Soldier to visit and say good-bye to his children before leaving for active duty (SEE COURT ORDER ISSUED MAY 5, 2008, AND DOWNEY POLICE REPORT DATED JUNE 1, 2008)

  • On August 4, 2008 Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson violated Court Visitation Orders (SEE COURT ORDER ISSUED JULY 7, 2008, AND LETTER FROM MR. SAM BROWN DATED AUGUST 4, 2008, AND LETTER FROM MS. PATRICIA A. NASH DATED JUNE 15, 2010)

DEspite the overwhelming evidence of Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson’s criminal misconduct and blatant violations of the law, Ms. Jennifer Donnell, LA County Director of the Professional Standards Division, says “NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN”.

Surely such blatant disrespect for the law is unacceptable and not tolerated by the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Clearly Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson has engaged in rogue, reckless and lawless behavior which is a reflection on the entire Probation Department, not to mention the violation of the Public’s Trust and waste of taxpayer dollars. Make no mistake, if Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson will alienate and deprive her own biological children from visiting with their father, who is to say what sadistic and/or cringe worthy acts Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson is perpetrating upon Probationers under her supervision. These crimes should not go without punishment and/or reprimand. Therefore, “CONCERNED TAXPAYERS UNITED” recommend that Probation Chief Jerry E. Powers think long and hard about the image the Los Angeles County Probation Department wants to portray. The overarching question the Public wants to know is, Does Probation Chief Jerry E. Powers represent change, or more of the same and/or more bureaucratic status quo Bull Shit? The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors sure pick a winner this time (Pun Intended.)

Face it, Jerry E. Powers represents “Window Dressing” over the chronic and systemic virmen like, fraud and corruption coagulating and oozing throughout the County of Los Angeles.

Recently Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa served the Public a plate of Fabricated Crime Statistics. Villaraigosa said crime is down in the Public Arena, but offered no statistical analysis/data on the criminal behaviors from within the County of Los Angeles.

Hell, the City of Bell alone will account for 10% of criminal behaviors in Los Angeles County, the other 90% can be divided up between The Los Angeles County Probation Department, the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Fret not, ole ye weary Public, for the Laws of Pantheism are at hand, swift and uncompromising justice will be served.

Very truly not yours,



Hi my name is Fesia A. Davenport and I would like to tell you how I assist Black Women in getting all they can from their Baby Daddy’s. Hence, after I orally copulated my Caucasoid-Slave-Master Mr. Steven J. Golightly, he then requested to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors that I be immediately appointed to the position of Chief Attorney for the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department. Be that as it may, my Caucasoid-Slave-Master, Mr. Steven J. Golightly asked me to turn a few tricks around City Hall, and orally copulate Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Don Knabe, Zev Yaroslavsky, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Michael D. Antonovich and Philip Browning at DCFS and the job was mine.


And now I am hooking all my High School and Sorority Sister’s up with all the Child Support they need. For example, Los Angeles County Probation Departments, Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie Mabel Wilson and I grew up in Compton, California and we attended Centennial High School together. Now my girl made a mistake and married her baby’s daddy without a Prenuptial Agreement, so I told my girl, “Don’t worry, I know the Judge handling your divorce”. So, my girl withheld, concealed and omitted over a million dollars of her assets and income, and the Judge ordered her Baby’s Daddy to pay her $1,165.00 even though his income was below the poverty-line. And I am hooking all my friends up in Los Angeles County, no Black Man stands a chance as long as we Black Bitches have these Caucasoid-Judges wrapped around our fingers. So Sister’s of Los Angeles County, if you want me to hook-up your Child Support, and drive your Black Man to an early grave, give me a call at (213) 974-1186 or (213) 351-5507 or Email me at: 



Fasia A. Davenport is the Chief Deputy of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services: “I had grown up hearing that I had gifts and was talented, but never really believed it.” As a teenager, Fesia never considered practicing law. She says, “my childhood dreams were too safe, too narrow, and too cloaked in the attainable, rather than the unattainable.” “Growing up in the inner-city during a spike in drug-related crime convinced me I wanted a better life than my parents were able to provide,” she reflects, “yet still I did not consider the law, or anything close to it.” That is, until she participated in Mock Trial at Centennial High in Compton. Her Mock Trial journey confirmed important truths and values. “I understood, like never before, the value of the collective: what one can accomplish when working together as a group.” She loved being part of a team dedicated to the same goal and working together seamlessly to reach that goal. The rigor of daily practice confirmed that she “could achieve and excel with endurance, consistency, and dedication.” Mock Trial helped her develop discipline. “[It] strengthened my mental resolve,” says Fesia, “and my ability to affect a calm demeanor despite the storm raging in my mind.” Almost 26 years later, Fesia knows that being exposed to better teams made her and her team “better competitors.” “Being eliminated,” she emphasizes, “strengthened my resolve and my competitive instinct.” “That competition was the ultimate stretch of my high school career,” says Fesia. “After that competition, I can truly say that my dreams were no longer safe, narrow, and attainable. They started to evolve and became bolder and more daring.” Today, Fesia is the chief deputy of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. 

According to Jeremy Loudenback a reporter with The Chronicle of Social Change: 

The reforms enshrined in a Los Angeles County blue ribbon commission report may be one step closer to reality with the recent appointment of a new child protection leaderTREACHEROUS BLACK BITCH for the county. [In February of 2015], former Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Fesia Davenport was tapped to serve as interim director of the newly formed Office of Child Protection (OCP). The creation of an Office of Child Protection was the most prominent recommendation to emerge from the Los Angeles County Blue Ribbon on Child Protections (BRC) December 2013 interim recommendations and again in its final report in April. The Board of Supervisors approved the BRC’s recommendations in June 2014, but little progress had been made to find a leader of the new agency until Davenport’s appointment. In a recent interview with the Chronicle of Social Change, Davenport outlined her priorities, shared her perspective on how the OCP can best implement the BRC’s recommendations and explained how she hopes to encourage collaboration throughout the county. “This job is a marathon, not a sprint,” Davenport said about the new position. “In order to take action, you have to have sustained focus throughout the implementation process.” Since stepping into the position on February 2, Davenport and a small staff have focused on several issues tied to the BRC recommendations, including the pairing of public-health nurses with social workers, expanding the medical hubs system, examining policies related to the overuse of psychotropic medications with foster youth, expanding the county’s existing database-sharing initiative (the Family and Child Index) and prevention initiatives. But expectations are high for a new office that many hope will finally lead to the substantive reform promised by the blue ribbon commission. Questions remain about the future of the transition team that has worked to implement those reforms since last summer, and how the OCP director will manage the immense task of reorganizing county bureaucracy and partnerships. According to Davenport, the key to ensuring that all agencies and departments in Los Angeles County are similarly focused on child safety is the creation of a countywide mission statement, something that was alluded to in a recent Los Angeles Times editorial. The new child-centered statement was not ready in time to meet the initial early February deadline, but having engaged with county departments Davenport hopes to finish the process well in advance of her April report to the Board of Supervisors. “All the department heads are on board and we’re having discussions about the nuanced distinction between safety and protection,” she said, “and where does prevention come in? What does ‘at risk’ mean [to all county departments]? “We want to create a networked village and the hub of that village is this mission statement. We’re going to define what child safety means and make sure that everyone is looking in the same direction.” While she has only been working in the child welfare field since 2013, Davenport brings more than a decade of experience from the county’s Child Support Services Department, where she worked with current DCFS Director Philip Browning. Prior to that, she served in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Family Support Operations. Davenport expects that her varied programmatic and managerial experience in the county will come in handy as she navigates the mandate of the OCP to increase collaboration among departments. “You need to be able to pull people together and you need to be a good listener,” Davenport said. “People don’t want to come a meeting where they will feel like they’ll be talked at or planned at. They want to know that you’ve actually heard their concerns and the identification of their issues.” And creating a climate of cooperation will be essential to forging partnerships in a county that does not have a robust track record of collaboration. “We have to have a certain amount of credibility when we walk in the door because you’re dealing with department heads who are used to reporting directly to the board or to the CEO,” Davenport said. “You have to either have a relationship with them or be able establish a relationship with them.” The BRC clearly identified the need for a central office, the OCP, to take a leadership role in coordinating services and encouraging child welfare-related collaboration across the county. The director position was dubbed by this publication as a “child safety czar”, a term that was quickly adopted by other media outlets and which does not accurately reflect the responsibilities of the job, according to Davenport. “I don’t think czar is the right word,” she said. “Operating in an authoritative manner might get you compliance, but it won’t necessarily get you buy-in or ownership.” “What we’re looking for is ownership—something that’s sustainable. You want people to go back to their departments and push these ideas.” 




One must over and/or understand the role the Mammy played during Slavery. In that, during Slavery, Mammies who conform to the Genetic Phenotype like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott were always having sex because the Slave Master was forcing his Big-Black-Buck-Slaves to impregnate the Mammy in order to add Slaves to the Slave Plantation. Eventually, the Mammy proved to be a loyal confidant to the Slave Master, who then allowed the Mammy to be a member of the Slave Masters Kitchen Cabinet and/or to serve as the Slave Masters Liaison who negotiated the affairs of the Other Slaves who worked in the Masters House and the Slaves who worked in the Masters Fields on behalf of the Slave Master.Mind you, the Mammy Figure has always been considered the so-called “Back-Bone” of the so-called “Black-Family”, and her primary role has always been to serve and/or take care of the Masters Children and the Masters House. Hence, the Mammy has never been in the presence of a “Real Man”, and she has only mediated conflicts and/or disputes amongst so-called “Black Men” who engage in juvenile behaviors. Case in point, when the Mammy used her Hyper-Sonic Hearing and/or Gossip-Network to determine if the Field Slaves were planning a revolt against her Slave Master. Hence, the Mammy would either warn her Slave Master, who would then Beat the shit out of the Slaves who were planning to come against the Slave Master, or the mammy would toss the Field Slaves some Pig Guts. Hell, don’t take my word for it, listen to Malcolm X: 

Be that as it may, the Mammy eventually saw that when the Slave Master beat the shit out of the Slave, it only increased the resentment and/or bitterness the Slaves had towards the Slave Master and those Slaves who lived in the Slave Masters House. So, the Mammy, with her conniving and treacherous mind-set, went into her Voodoo-Bag-of-Tricks and formulated a Voodoo Concoction that would pacify both the Slave Master and the Slaves in the Field. Hence, the Mammy’s Voodoo-Concoction and/or Recipe consisted of cooking a Hog, sprinkling some Voodoo Spices on the Hog, and feeding the best parts of the Hog (i.e. Ham) to the Slave Master, while she sent the left over parts of the Hog (i.e. Intestines aka Chitterlings) to the Slaves in the Field. Hence, the Voodoo-Concoction basically sedated the entire Plantation, thus causing the Slave Master and the Slaves in the Field to experience lethargy and a blunt affect, and therefore, nullifying the animosity the Field Slave had towards the Slave Master, and squelched the Slave Masters stress and anxiety over the daily operations of the Plantation. Now if we fast-forward to today’s modern day Mammy we see that she is still considered to be the so-called “Back-Bone” of the so-called “Black Family”, not to mention the fact that, this Treacherous-Black-Bitch can be found working in Skilled Nursing and/or Mental Health Facilities where she administers Psychotropic Medications to Patient’s her Slave Master and/or Caucasoid-Quackologist (i.e. (Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew) have labelled, “Psychotic”. Mind you, these Treacherous Black Bitches view Black Men as boys, and if you watch how they treat their husbands, they coddle and scold them like little boy’s. Case in point, Sherri Shepherd from “The View” had her husband on the show, and she would not let this so-called “Black Man” get a word in edgewise as she treated him like a Big-Black-Baby-Huey. In that, Sherri Shepherd dominated the conversation even when the questions were directed towards her husband. Now let’s be perfectly clear, during Slavery the Slave Master forced the Big-Black-Buck-Slave to have Sexual Relations with Mammy figures like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott. However, in today’s time, the Big-Black-Buck-Slave can choose to have Sexual Relations with a variety of women, especially if that Big-Black-Buck-Slave has some money. So let’s be real, no Real-Black-Man in his right mind, would be caught dead with these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Bitches. Think about it, the only way a Real-Black-Man would be caught dead, and/or even consider having sexual relations with Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Bitches like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott is because that Real-Black-Man would have been guaranteed an enormous monetary pay-off at the end of the abominable and/or disgusting ordeal. Which leads us to the #1 reason these Fat-Ass-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Bitches have never had a Real-Black-Man willingly use his penis to penetrate and/or impregnate her Fat-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Ass, was simply because the Real-Black-Man was not in his Right State of Mind. In that, you know GodDamn well that, it is absolutely impossible for a Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitch like Whoopi Goldberg to sneak her Ugly Ass up on a Real-Black-Man’s penis and cause him to have an erection. Hence, for that scenario to occur the Real-Black-Man would surely have to be totally Sedated and/or experiencing a Psychotic-Episode. Moreover, if Mammy-Bitches like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri Shepherd and Jill Scott get are anywhere near a Real-Black-Man and his Penis, then you better believe that, 99.999999% of the time, that Real-Black-Man is Sedated and/or Intoxicated by Drugs, Alcohol and/or some kind of Mammy-Made-Voodoo-Concoction given to him by these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches, for the sole purpose of altering the Black-Man’s Cognitive Awareness and/or Psychological Coherency. The video below is a real-life situation that should occur more often. In that, these Treacherous Black Mammy Beasty Bitches need to get the Bus Driver Uppercut at-least twice a week:

Now we see these Treacherous-Black-Devil-Bitches in the movie “Steel Magnolias”, where these Black-Devil-Bitches have inculcated themselves in a classic feature film that had an all White Woman Cast. Hence, one only has the look back at Slavery and one will find that these Treacherous-Mammy-Bitches have always longed and desired to hold the same adorning position as White Women in the Slave Master’s Mind’s Eye. However, something has shifted in the frequency vibration of the Universe, in that, their Treacherous-Voodoo-Gripe no-longer has the influence and/or power it once had over the world. Notice how none of these Black-Devil-Bitches have a “Real Man” in either “Steel Magnolias” and/or in the “Real World”. Hence, many of these Black-Devil-Bitches like Queen Latifah are either lesbians or on their way to becoming lesbians. QUESTION: Why are so many Black Women embracing the Homosexual LifeStyle? Simple, these TYLER PERRYBlack-Devil-Bitches are swinging on the other side of Heterosexuality because someone told these Black-Devil-Bitches that they are the “BackBone” of the so-called “Black Family” and they have assumed the role of the Male in the so-called “Black Family Structure”. Moreover, “Real Black Men” are tired of being manipulated and/or controlled by these Black-Devil-Bitches and their Voodoo-Magic. But what is even more interesting is the way Bitch-Ass Tyler Perry is trying to Shape-Shift and/or Transform into some kind of Overly Testosterone Driven Black Rambo in his new movie called “Alex Cross”. F%CK THAT! Be advised Tyler Perry, your Bitch-Ass entered this world as a Fat-Ass-TYLER PERRYBlack-Mammy-Bitch known as “Madea” and you will always be that Fat-Ass-Black-Mammy-Bitch known as “MADEA” you Tricky-Shape-Shifting-Mother-F%cker. For you mathematicians out there try this equation on for size: What do you get when you use the Reciprocal of the word “MADEA”? That’s right you get “AEDAM” which is phonetically pronounced as “ADAM”. And who was “ADAM”? According to the Bible, “ADAM” was the first human being on Earth and the father of all humanity. Think about it, Tyler Perry who is a Male, playing a Female called “MADEA” is nothing more than Hermaphrodite-Tricknology and/or Illusion-Confusion-Bull-Shit which is repetitively broadcasted and pulsated throughout the world like a Lion Tamer uses a four-legged stool to distract and confuse the Lion he is taming. Furthermore, in the book of Genesis (1:26), “ADAM” is created by God on the sixth day of creation, in God’s own image, and given dominion over all the animals of the world. God then gives “ADAM” a female partner, Eve. Eve feeds “ADAM” fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge, after which an angry God expels them from the Garden of Eden. In Christian theology, “ADAM’s” failure to obey God is known as the Original Sin. “ADAM” fathered three sons by Eve: Cain, Abel and Seth. STOP! Surely, the Reader did not think this was going to be easy, you the Reader, will put in work. Therefore, the Reader is now left to his or her own research devices in order to make further connections between Tyler Perry’s Hyper-Religious-Voodoo-Concoction known as “MADEA / AEDAM / DEAD-I-AM / ADAM” and the Voodoo-Magic in the Fairytale Book known as “Bible”. (MAY HISTORY BE THE BEST QUALIFIER THAT REWARDS YOUR RESEARCH)


Face it, whenever a Real-Black-Man is channel surfing on TV, and that Real-Black-Man happens to stop at “The View” and/or “The Talk”, that Real-Black-Man makes the most precatory prayer of all times, in that, he prays that the camera is honed in on either Julie Chin, Leah Remini, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and/or Aisha Tyler (w/Hair-Weave), while at the same time praying to God that, the camera is not focused and/or honed in onUGLY ASS WHOOPI Sherri Shepherd, Whoopi Goldberg and/or Sheryl Underwood. And if so that Real-Black-Man will break his GodDamn-Neck trying to change the channel because Basset-Hounds like: Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, and Sheryl Underwood are not easy on the Black-Man’s eyes, and cause disruption to the Black-Man’s Mental Faculties. Hell, I’d rather look at Joy Behar and/or Barbara Walters, Wrinkled-White-Ass’s then to have to spend even One-Nano-Second straining my eyes looking at Whoopi Goldberg and/or Sheryl Underwood. Hence, clearly these Black-Mammy-Bitches are not TV Friendly, which makes one wonder, what in the Hell are these Media-Executives thinking about when they showcase these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches on daytime Television, and force Real-Men to stay up until 2:00 A.M. in the morning to see Eye Candy and/or Dime Pieces on Telemundo. Hence, the fact that these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches are even allowed so much as a 10 Second Freeze-Frame and/or Camera Snip-it on Television speaks volumes to the Voodoo-Mojo-Influence these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches have over these Media-Executives at Major TV Networks. In that, these Media-Executives rather see their Profit-Margins drop before they Excommunicate and/or Ban these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches from the Air-Waves. Surely, this represents clear and convincing evidence that these Fat-Ass-Treacherous-Black-Mammy-Wielder-Beast-Bitches are exercising some kind of, “Voodoo-Black-Magic” and/or have a firm controlling grip on these Media-Executives.

Look here “MEDIA-EXECUTIVES” I did not join the United States Military to risk my life fighting Terrorist Threats in order to protect and preserve the Bunker-Bubble-Lives of these Fat-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Beasty-Bitches. Furthermore, on behalf of my fellow U.S. Soldiers, my Battle-Buddies and I go through the Demanding Physical and Mental Training for Superstar Females, and we no-longer want to see these Mammy-Monsters broadcasted over the Air-Waves, we recommend that you immediately saturate the Air-Waves with the following EYE-CANDY and/or GOD’S DIME PIECES:

Face it there is not a Man on this PLANET who would not trade in his Fat-Nasty-Treacherous-Black-Beasty-Bitch for a Superstar Female. Likewise, there is not a Deity in the known regions of the Universe who is planning to return to this PLANET to save and/or redeem anything less than a Superstar Quality Female. Therefore, those of you who have bought into the Preachers Bull-Shit-Fairytale that talks about a MESSIAH and/or MAHDI returning to save and/or redeem the so-called “Righteous”, Think again because the real chosen people of GOD are all the EYE CANDY and/or DIME PIECES who conform to the following Genetic Nomenclatures: (EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT, YOU FAT-NASTY-TREACHEROUS-BLACK-MAMMY-BITCHES)




The question is, why are so-called “Political Leaders” interested in administering standardized tests for your and my children? To answer this question, one must understand that, student test scores and/or data provide the evaluator with a base-line measure of the student’s intellectual capabilities.

So, let’s take an individual like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, who by the way, is as Intellectually Challenged and/or Learning Handicapped as most students deemed Retarded by similarly Retarded-Student-Success-Teams in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In that, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa is a self-proclaimed “High-School-Drop-Out”, and would score Far-Below-Basic (FBB) on the Los Angeles Unified School Districts’ High School Exit Exam and/or any other Standardized Assessment Tool mandated by the State of California. Yep, you guessed it, the same Standardized Tests that Villaraigosa and his Political Cronies shove down the throats of your and my children, is the same Standardized Test that Villaraigosa and his Political Cronies have never taken, and/or incapable of passing. Be that as it may, why is Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa so adamant about collecting Data which measures the intellectual capabilities of your and my children? Too easy. In that, Politicians like Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa are too dumb and stupid to legitimately hold their Political Power and/or Authority based on their Academic Records, which they keep hidden from the Public. In that, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa conceals his own Academic Records, while at the same time Villaraigosa is able to create Political “Leverage” and/or a “Deceptive Edge” by knowing your and my children’s Standardized Test Data. Thus, allowing Politicians like Antonio R. Villaraigosa to sustain and/or maintain their Power and Influence over those at the lower echelon’s of Society. You see, Mayor Villaraigosa and his Political Cronies need to know which Citizens in the City of Los Angeles pose the greatest threat to their Political Order, and Student Assessment Data gives them just that, a measure to gauge and nullify potential threats and/or challenges to the Power Perceptions and/or the Power Facades projected by Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and his Political Cronies. You see, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa is as “Dumb as a Door Knob”. In that, the average fifth grader is more intellectually qualified to serve as Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, if it were not for the age requirement holding the fifth grader from competing with a “Gimp” like Antonio R. Villaraigosa. Therefore, Dumb-Ass Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa surrounds himself with a bunch of Number-Crunching-Mathemagicians and/or Probability-Projectionists, also known as Egotistical-Economists. And these individuals use Standardized Test Data in order to isolate, contain and control those at the lower echelon of society who may pose a potential threat to “Dummies” who control America’s Political Landscape. Hence, the following examples will shed some light on exactly how these Deceptively Wise Mathemagicians use Student Assessment data to dictate the destiny of your and my children:

EXAMPLE#1: If Student Assessment Data reflect deficits in Reading Fluency and/or Reading Comprehension, then the Number-Crunching-Mathemagicians and/or Probability-Projectionists who protect Dumb Politicians like Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, know that the chances of incarceration increases for individual’s with deficits in Reading Fluency and/or Reading Comprehension, thus nullifying the threat this individual may pose to Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, and to the Political Powers that be. Not to mention the fact that based on Student Assessment Data Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa can solicit Federal Funding for The Los Angeles Superior Courts, The Los Angeles Police Department, The L.A. County Sheriffs Department and for the building of more Prisons in the State of California. Hell, statisticians affiliated with the American Industrial Prison Complex have boasted about how they can determine how many prisons they will need to build simply by examining Third Grade Reading Scores.

EXAMPLE #2:, If Student Assessment Data reflect deficits in Basic Mathematical Computational Skills, then Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa can share this Data with his Business and/or Governmental Associates (i.e. The Child Support Services Department), who will use this Data to bombard that Population with Sub-Prime-Mortgages, Inaccurate and/or Skewed Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) Scores (Credit Scores), Pay-Day-Loans, High-Interest-Automobile-Loans, Astronomical Department of Water and Power Rates, Substandard Communications Devises and/or Mobile Phones, Poorly Manufactured Automobiles, Run-Away-Fuel-Costs, Outlandish-Prices on Substandard-Denatured Foods and Fraudulent-Child-Support-Obligations.

EXAMPLE #3: If Student Assessment Data reflect deficits in Vocabulary and the use of Punctuation then Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa can share that Assessment Data with Judges and Lawyer’s within the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, who will use that Data to appear “Intellectually Superior”, when in reality, these Judges and Lawyers are merely exploiting the Populations Intellectual Deficits in order to mask and/or cover-up their own “Intellectual-Inferiority and/or Academic Deficits”. Thus, allowing these Retarded and/or Learning-Handicapped Judges and Lawyers to write your and my children’s manifest destiny, from their Incompetent and/or Academically Challenged Perspective. But don’t take my word for it listen to a man by the name of Malcolm X, who was eloquently out-lining these issues in the 1960’s:

Parents are here-by recommended and encouraged to Opt-Out of all Standardized Testing and/or Student Assessments until all Politicians, School Superintendents, School Union Leaders, School Principals, School Administrators, School Teachers, Preachers, Ministers, Rabbis, Imams, Popes, Priests, Judges, Lawyers and Law Enforcement Officials make ALL of their Academic Transcripts, Student Assessment Data and Standardized Test Scores available to the public. As a matter of fact, before any Assessment Tool is administered to students, Parents should automatically receive the Academic Transcripts of all Government Officials within a 100 mile Radius Circumference from the School District that is administering the Assessment Tool.













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Billy (The Snake) Gates is “Supposedly” one of America’s Greatest Minds, yet even he cannot think beyond the mathematical circumference of Capitalism. In that, since Billy (The Snake) Gates has place his hand into the realm of academia through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation one must study and examine his motives. Surely, Billy (The Snake) Gates knows and understands Bloom’s Taxonomy and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Not to mention the fact that, Billy (The Snake) Gates must know and understand the effects Genetically Modified Foods and Vaccines have on the Mind’s of Non-Caucasoid-Humanoid’s while they engaged in so-called “Academic Rigor”? Surely, this knowledge is what prompted Billy (The Snake) Gates to commission the transformation of the common toilet into a Super-Charged-Waterless-Shit-Containment-Contraption? You see, therein, may lay the problem, that Billy (The Snake) Gates and the rest of his Reptilian-Mathemagicians and Probability-Projectionists know and understands all too well, the science behind: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and their relationship to the Food Pyramid. And I will go out on a limb and say that, “Billy (The Snake) Gates and his Caucasoid-Reptilian-Cronies are using the Science behind Bloom’s Taxonomy and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to perpetuate, maintain and preserve the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Agenda and/or White Supremacy on this Planet”.


Notice that the closer the Humanoid gets to Creativity and/or Self-Actualization on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the closer the Humanoid gets to Food’s that have the greatest potential to adversely affect the Humanoid’s Mind and Body.




The NBA lockout represented a prime example of the Plantation Mentality gone wild. Will Kobe Bryant become an obsolete Slave? In that, when the slave master no longer needs his slave, and the slave knows nothing, but how to be a slave, all the slave can do is hope and pray that his slave master will someday need the slave again. Interesting, NBA players actually thought that getting paid millions of dollars to put a ball in a hole would last forever. It will be interesting to watch Kobe Bryant and his fellow NBA colleagues be reduced to living on skid row. These God figures who dominate the basketball court are now relegated to begging their “Owners” (SLAVE MASTERS), pun intended, to continue to sustain their lavish lifestyles. It’s only a matter of time until people do the math, Kobe puts a ball in a hole and receives millions of dollars, while  a Teacher educates  young minds into constructive and productive human beings and contributors to society, yet that Teacher gets paid peanuts if that, or forced to face layoffs and/or furloughs. Don’t sleep, Miss. Kim Kardashian will soon be back on the market, and Kobe Bryant’s wife will be walking that $4 million ring to the pawn shop. What the hell is wrong with Derek Fisher, he looks pathetic, begging NBA Owners to come to a negotiating table that he and his NBA colleagues never thought for one minute to own. I mean really Derek Fisher stop pleading and crying like a punk ass bitch to your slave master as if you have DINOSAUR TESTICULAR leverage. Stop begging and meet me on skid row…I HAVE A PLAN.