Hey Simp Ass Nuri, Run and tell that Bull-Shit to The Family Courts and to the actual fact that: women file for divorce 85% of the time… Tell us Simp Ass Nuri, why does the woman get to leave with full custody of the children, 75% of the man’s wealth, assets and property? And on top of that the female receives alimony and child support? Nuri is doing Black Men a disservice, when he makes no mention about DIVORCE RAPE, and why there is NO BENEFIT for men being married. One must understand the reason Farrakhan, Ava and Simp Ass Nuri encourage and promote marriage and/or a contractual connection between Black men and Black women… It is because The Nation of Islam stands to benefit (via: donations) from the Black Woman when she Divorce Rapes the Black Man. Come on Nuri you F%cking fraud!!! Tell men the Actual Facts since you say your “factual statistical history rewards all research”!!! Nuri, you do know the Marriage and Divorce statistics, right? LONG LIVE MGTOW!!!!

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