Something is up… The NOI via Mosque Maryam is playing the same old echo chamber redundant video’s. This is telling. Notice the number of viewer… The 10,000 Fearless are not showing up… This too is telling…

Ag3nt Twenty Twenty / NOI ZEALOT

What do you think is up? What is this telling? A teacher goes over the lesson until the student understands the lesson. These videos are not redundant or an echo chamber.


@Ag3nt Twenty Twenty / NOI MINION Farrakhan, Ishmael, Wesley and Nuri have a net worth of approximately $2 to $5 million… And none of them offer the blue print for securing a 501(c)3… Securing 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status has never been taught by the Nation of Islam. I WONDER WHY?

Ag3nt Twenty Twenty / NOI ZEALOT

@HASHIM THE DREAM That’s public knowledge on how to start a non profit organization. What does that have to do with The Mission? Do you question the tax status of any company before you patronize it? The Mission is the important part. Tax exemption is a moot issue. Besides that brothers in The Nation are teaching financial literacy and independence so we can operate as a Nation should. Ownership. Entrepreneurship. Nation Building skills. So you need to be more specific on your point.


@Ag3nt Twenty Twenty / NOI MINION “MISSION?” For 90+ years the Nation of Islam has nothing to show but MUI (which none of Farrakhan’s children or grandchildren have ever attended), Salaam Restaurant (which has reopened under new management 300X) and Mosque Maryam (Paid for by Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfīi whom your buddy Obama killed so Farrakhan did not have to pay him back the $5-million Loan)… “MISSION?” Oh Sir, The so-called “MISSION” is very clear… The actual facts are that: Since the inception of the Nation of Islam the condition of Black People has continued to declined and worsen… But I can since the Zealotry in your writing… “MISSION?” Sir, you would not know a “MISSION” if it pimp slapped you Huckster Style in the mouth… You clowns are sooooo funny!

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