Sir, please tell us where heaven existed on the Continent of Africa 500-years ago prior to the Peculiar Institution? Face the actual Facts: “White Supremacy” was, is and will always be, the best institution to have ever incapsulated Black People in America. Don’t be a “YOU KNOW NI**AH” like Ice Cube. You clowns begged the white man to let you defecate in his toilet, drink at his water fountain, sit at his lunch counters and sit at the front of his bus… Hmmm, after you clowns encroached upon the white man’s world, you now want total and absolute segregation, now that is Parasitic and Fascinating!!! You should study The Tribe of Shabaaz, from which you come from… Sir, study the Southside of CHi-raq, you will find the Shabaaz Savages are averaging 50 fatal shootings every weekend… Do you really want to detach from the Caucasoid? Especially, when he is the only being on “YOUR Planet” that can tame your Savagery… Why is the F.O.I. scared to walk the ally behind Mosque Maryam at dusk?[size]=small&pwc[color]=dark&pwc[branded]=1

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