Mr. Elon Musk AND/OR Farrakhan-Yakub’s “skunk creation” is on his way to colonizing Mars… And The NOI CLOWNS cannot even send so much as: Arecibo Messages, Smoke Signals, Anodized Photons, WOW Signals and/or Morse Code Transmissions to their so-called “7 to 11 Foot Black Brothers” on Mars letting them know what Colonization looks like when The so-called “Johnny Come Lately” shows up… HEY SO-CALLED “DR” WESLEY WILLIAM-MUHAMMAD JR. YOU ARE IN POSSESSION OF “59,999 BOOKS OF SUPREME MATHEMATICAL WISDOM” right? And if you are in possession of “SUPREME WISDOM” why do you not have your own space program or clean room? Stop claiming that you built the Pyramids when more Asiatic Black Men have shapeshifted into Women on Farrakhan’s watch. TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE. Let’s Debate, coward!

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